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Latest casual games reviews

Welcome to our game reviews section. Here you can learn about the latest game releases. Be sure to find game's tips and tricks, read casual games reviews and download the best games absolutely for free right here. You have heard something about a particular game but doubt if it is worth your attention? Spend 5 minutes to look through the game review and then download the game absolutely for free if you like it. Learn about top Windows casual games right now! Our reviews section is updated weekly to provide you with the coolest and the most addictive video games releases.

Botanica: Earthbound

Botanica: Earthbound Collector's Edition is a continuation of a story that started in their previous release. The game is really impressive and would be a great entertainment for the holiday season even though it has nothing particular to add to the holiday spirit. There's a vulcano eruption in Botanica that put the main characters in great danger. You will be playing as two characters. ... Read more

Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian Hope Diamond

Another great release with a big adventure placed right before you! Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian Hope Diamond is a wonderful hidden object puzzle adventure game full of new turns and unexpected obstacles to overcome. Trains are associated with adventure just by themselves, but what if the you are hold in hostage by bandits and are forced to go and look for Hope Diamond's shards? ... Read more

Spirits of Mystery: The Silver Arrow

It is challenging enough to find a partner to spend the rest of your life with in our day and the culture where there's mostly no other conditions tied to it. What what if there's also a strong belief in fate and a rival against you? Things become much more complicated then, or rather challenging and interesting as in Spirits of Mystery: The Silver Arrow. ... Read more

Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol

It's Christmas season one more time, and there are many things that a considered classics for this time of the year in the Western world. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is one of them. Literally dozens of versions have been created over the years. Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol is a casual game version! This version follows the original plot of the story but probably takes a bit different turns at times to fit the hidden object puzzle adventure game format. ... Read more

Secret Trails: Frozen Heart

Secret Trails: Frozen Heart is one of the recently released hidden object puzzle adventure games. There's nothing new in its story for those who've played at least a few of them. The game is about your sister, or rather about you trying to resque her. Just like it often happens in real life, a surprise turns into a catastrophe. There is this nice beautiful place with perfectly warm weather all year round. ... Read more

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