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TetriStation 2 ™

Release 2.1

TetriStation 2 is a new release of a pack of 18 different tetris-like games. It adds high resolution graphics - 320x320 screen and 65000 colors - four times bigger than old one, as well as new game modes and sound effects. Three different shapes of blocks:

  • Squares
  • Hexagons
  • Triangles
Download new TetriStation 2 game for Palm
Click to enlarge the screenshot
Uses 557kb of RAM

Download ZIP (1055kb)
Download SIT (1055kb)
Register (US$16.90)
and six types of the game:
  • Tetris
  • Pentix
  • Columns
  • Pictrix
  • Blocktris
  • Mosaic
Try it now! All-time classic game for modern powerfull Palm OS 4.0 and later platforms. We hope you will have lots of fun!
Upgrade from Palm TetriStation is $6.90 - write to us.

System requirements:
Download ZIP for PalmOS 4.0 and higher.

TetriStation 2 works on the systems based on PalmOS 4.0 and later platforms that support screen resolution 320x320 and 65000 colors: Sony Clie PEG-SJ30, PEG-T665C, PEG-T650C, PEG-NR70, PEG-NR70V, PEG-T600C, PEG-T615C, PEG-T625C, PEG-N770C, PEG-N760C, PEG-N750C, PEG-N610C, PEG-NZ90, PEG-NX70V, PEG-NX60.
Download ZIP for Sony Clie.

This game works also under PalmOS 5.0 and later: Palm Tungsten T and others coming in the near future.

Palm game - TetriStation 2 screenshot 1

Palm game - TetriStation 2 Blocktris

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Palm game - TetriStation 2 Mosaic

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Palm game - TetriStation 2 Pentix

Palm game - TetriStation 2 Options

Palm game - TetriStation 2 Columns

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