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March 2010


March 31, 2010  

Happy Easter from Absolutist team!

Dear friends, we'd like to heartily wish you all a happy and relaxing Easter holidays! And please take a gift from Absolutist team: our favorite Easter game, Easter Bunny - now with a score submission! We hope that playing this nice arcade game will give you a special celebration mood, setting a wonderful background for your Easter parties!

Play Easter Bunny game online

Download Easter Bunny game for free

March 31, 2010  

Mishap: An Accidental Haunting (Windows)

Do you have what it takes to become a ghostbuster expert? Find an answer with Mishap: An Accidental Haunting - unbelievably involving hidden object game! You will come face to face with the paranormal, while exploring a house full of extraordinary creatures...

Download Mishap: An Accidental Haunting for Windows

Order Mishap: An Accidental Haunting for Windows

March 30, 2010  

Murder, She Wrote (Mac)

Take your part in an exciting investigation, playing Murder, She Wrote for Mac! This outstanding hidden object game, based on a famous TV show, has truly unique mix of adventure elements and mini-games. Jessica Fletcher, the world-renowned novelist and hobbyist detective, needs your assistance to solve a quintet of crime cases. Help her to explore more than 30 game scenes, crack mind-twisting puzzles to find the true villains hiding behind the curtains!

Download Murder, She Wrote for Mac

Order Murder, She Wrote for Mac

March 29, 2010  

Hidden Expedition: Devil's Triangle (Windows)

The H.E.A.T. (Hidden Expedition Adventure Team) is sending you on a new mission: you have to find a pilot who disappeared in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. What you don't know, though, is that solving the task would take a much longer time than you ever expected! The Devil's Triangle most certainly has its share of dark secrets, and won't be eager to share them with uninvited guests...

Download Hidden Expedition: Devil's Triangle for Windows

Order Hidden Expedition: Devil's Triangle for Windows

March 26, 2010  

Empress of the Deep (Windows)

A beautiful lady named Anna awakened in a strange place without knowing who she was and what she was doing there! But then she realized that she had spent over a century being frozen in a secret crypt. Help the poor woman get out of that awful place and find her way in life!

Download Empress of the Deep for Windows

Order Empress of the Deep for Windows

March 25, 2010  

Miss Teri Tale 3 - Danger Next Door (Mac)

Mac users with passion for hidden object games, rejoice! Your favorite, Miss Teri Tale, is back in the third episode of a popular crime adventure franchise: Miss Teri Tale 3 - Danger Next Door. Help her to look for clues in memories of her friends, to find out what's going on in Peeking Town - now on your Mac!

Download Miss Teri Tale 3 - Danger Next Door for Mac

Order Miss Teri Tale 3 - Danger Next Door for Mac

March 24, 2010  

Miss Teri Tale 3 - Danger Next Door (Windows)

Welcome to Danger Next Door: the new episode of the famous Miss Teri Tale hidden object games series! Miss Teri Tale has become mayor of Peeking Town, but now she has to save her reputation by investigating the murder of her friend. Only a thorough player will be able to reveal the mystery!

Download Miss Teri Tale 3 - Danger Next Door for Windows

Order Miss Teri Tale 3 - Danger Next Door for Windows

March 24, 2010  

Twinz! (Online)

Meet new addicting online arcade - Twinz! Your task is to remove the cubes from both playing fields clicking on a group of at least three cubes of one color. Prevent the cubes from reaching the opposite edge of the field. Split your attention and double your efforts. Discover a number of bonuses and enjoy this great arcade for free!

Play Twinz! online for free

March 23, 2010  

Posh Boutique (Mac)

Alicia received the most unexpected birthday surprise! From now she will be the owner of famous posh boutiques chain. Alicia should be fast on her feet, very attentive to her customers (especially VIP customers) and wise in her upgrades! Start fast fashion fun with Posh Boutique on your Mac!

Download Posh Boutique for Mac

Order Posh Boutique for Mac

March 22, 2010  

The Serpent of Isis (Windows)

The historically important artifact, the Serpent of Isis, was stolen from the famous museum in Cairo! An anonymous letter with indication of the place where it possibly could be was received and can ease your searches! Pack your suitcases as you are starting a journey to Egypt!

Download The Serpent of Isis for Windows

Order The Serpent of Isis for Windows

March 19, 2010  

Joan Jade and the Gates of Xibalba (Windows)

Join Joan Jade, archeologist of the year, as she is going to search for the ancient treasures of Maya. Fortune forced her to start a new quest as her child was lost in jungles. That's why she needs to find the treasures in order to get to her kid. Prepare to solve puzzles, look for the hidden objects as you are starting an intriguing journey!

Download Joan Jade and the Gates of Xibalba for Windows

Order Joan Jade and the Gates of Xibalba for Windows

March 18, 2010  

Aloha Tripeaks (Mac)

Take a trip to the Hawaiian Islands in the smash-hit of classic solitaire games series Aloha! Discover the islands, without leaving your home and play two game modes in Aloha TriPeaks on your Mac. Collect power-up cards to get to the next level and embrace the spirit of Aloha!

Download Aloha Tripeaks for Mac

Order Aloha Tripeaks for Mac

March 17, 2010  

Potion Bar (Windows)

A powerful magician to save the world is needed! This magician can be you! Open your Potion Bar and start preparing delicious potions for your clients. Use your incredible powers and become number one in the magic world and disclose the secrets of the Universe together with a thrilling time management game!

Download Potion Bar for Windows

Order Potion Bar for Windows

March 16, 2010  

Eden's Quest (Mac)

Embark on a breathtaking treasure hunt in a strange island to find the treasure of Akua. Solve exciting puzzles and collect objects that have supernatural powers that will lead you to the treasure! Play Eden's Quest on your Mac and enjoy unusual mix of puzzle, adventure and hidden objects genres!

Download Eden's Quest for Mac

Order Eden's Quest for Mac

March 15, 2010  

Eden's Quest (Windows)

Hungry for treasures?! Then join Eden Hunt, a famous archaeologist, who is going to the deserted island in order to find the lost treasure of Akua. Embark on this addicting mix of quest, adventure and hidden object game and get a unique opportunity to become rich and powerful with a puzzle game Eden's Quest!

Download Eden's Quest for Windows

Order Eden's Quest for Windows

March 12, 2010  

Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age (Windows)

Great news for all Farm Frenzy fans! Meet all-new sequel to the popular arcade series ??ď Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age. Travel to the North Pole to take care of penguins and other arctic animals. Enjoy 90 levels of frosty fun, manufacture new products and find new friends!

Download Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age for Windows

Order Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age for Windows

March 11, 2010  

Green Moon (Mac)

The most awaiting game at Absolutist site is now available for Mac users! The new release will give you an opportunity to travel in space and time, play original mini games, explore over 300 locations as you will have to solve a mystery of a neglected house! Enjoy the addicting adventure game on your Mac!

Download Green Moon for Mac

Order Green Moon for Mac

March 10, 2010  

Sprill & Ritchie: Adventures in Time (Windows)

The cute hero Sprill is back! At the previous game he managed to escape the Bermuda Triangle, but this time he will have even more thrilling adventure! The matter is that his friend has made an experiment and mixed up items from different ages. Now Sprill needs to fix this up and he would be glad to accept your help!

Download Sprill & Ritchie: Adventures in Time for Windows

Order Sprill & Ritchie: Adventures in Time for Windows

March 9, 2010  

Little Shop - Road Trip (Mac)

Fascinating sequel of Little Shop series is now available for Mac users! Travel from Seattle to South Beach and find a lot of exclusive titles for your little shop. New game mode is added. Featuring thousands of cleverly hidden objects, over 100 levels of original game-play, and miles and miles of family fun.

Download Little Shop - Road Trip for Mac

Order Little Shop - Road Trip for Mac

March 8, 2010  

Jane Angel: Templar Mystery (Windows)

Start your travel to the medieval times and discover the Holy Grail hidden by the mysterious Knights Templar in this stunning hidden object game! Answer all historical questions in Jane Angel Templar Mystery!

Download Jane Angel: Templar Mystery for Windows

Order Jane Angel: Templar Mystery for Windows

March 5, 2010  

Hidden Identity - Chicago Blackout (Windows)

What would you do if you awakened in an unknown hotel in Chicago and knew not even your name?! Playing this hidden object game, you will have to solve many tasks and puzzles before you get answers on these questions. Uncover all the game secrets and you will manage to uncover your true identity!

Download Hidden Identity - Chicago Blackout for Windows

Order Hidden Identity - Chicago Blackout for Windows

March 4, 2010  

Hostile Makeover (Mac)

Hostile Makeover is a puzzle game based on a criminal story taken from a novel by Ellen Byerrum. The matter is that the famous supermodel Amanda Manville was murdered. And your task is to help the detectives find a killer. Help them solve this tangled and uneasy murder case together with a hidden object game for your Mac!

Download Hostile Makeover for Mac

Order Hostile Makeover for Mac

March 3, 2010  

Youda Legend: The Golden Bird of Paradise (Windows)

Are you ready for a new adventure and give up your holiday to search for mysteries and reveal another Legend? Start exciting hidden object Youda Legend: The Golden Bird of Paradise and you??ôll be amused with its challenging puzzles and new eye-popping locations!

Download Youda Legend: The Golden Bird of Paradise for Windows

Order Youda Legend: The Golden Bird of Paradise for Windows

March 2, 2010  

Youda Legend: The Golden Bird of Paradise (Mac)

Youda Legend is back! In this sequel to the popular hidden object you??ôll take a trip to a tropical paradise and unravel the secrets that jungle hides. Find out the mystery of the Golden Bird and improve your hidden object skills on your Mac!

Download Youda Legend: The Golden Bird of Paradise for Mac

Order Youda Legend: The Golden Bird of Paradise for Mac

March 1, 2010  

Azada: Ancient Magic (Windows)

Great news for all Azada fans! Meet new exciting sequel to the popular hidden object game! Plunge deep into the world of magic to enter the lives of classic storybook characters in more than 20 magic puzzle books!

Download Azada: Ancient Magic for Windows

Order Azada: Ancient Magic for Windows

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