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February 2010


February 26, 2010  

Jojo's Fashion Show 2 (Online)

Jojo Cruz is back to take the fashion world by storm. You and her daughter Rosalind will help her to match outfits and brighten runways around the world with her stunning models. But the new editor at FWD has strong opinions about elegance and it doesn't match the Cruz vision. Save your comfortable place in the sun and return to the runway for a new season of high style in Jojo's Fashion Show 2!

Play Jojo's Fashion Show 2 online for free

February 26, 2010  

Escape From Lost Island (Windows)

Get ready for a fight for survival! After a ship wreck you find yourself on an uncharted island filled with danger and death-defying challenges! Use your wits to find shelter, avert pirates, escape from natives, and signal for help. Try to escape from Lost Island and get involved into a breath-taking story.

Download Escape From Lost Island for Windows

Order Escape From Lost Island for Windows

February 25, 2010  

Leeloo's Talent Agency (Mac)

Have you ever dreamed about your own superstars making agency? So help Leeloo to open her own business and build her very own talent agency! Hand out scripts, apply make-up, film screen tests, sign contracts, and more! Start exciting time-management fun on your Mac!

Download Leeloo's Talent Agency for Mac

Order Leeloo's Talent Agency for Mac

February 24, 2010  

Treasure Seekers: The Enchanted Canvases (Windows)

Join Nelly in her quest to save her brother from a mysterious Romanian castle! Discover the secrets of the Philosophers' Stone in this Hidden Object quest - Treasure Seekers: The Enchanted Canvases. Break the spells on the castle, track down Tom and take home the ancient and priceless treasure!

Download Treasure Seekers: The Enchanted Canvases for Windows

Order Treasure Seekers: The Enchanted Canvases for Windows

February 23, 2010  

Aloha Solitaire (Mac)

Start your journey to the idyllic Hawaiian Islands with Aloha Solitaire on your Mac. Enjoy stunning mix of solitaire and mahjong with 72 fantastic levels, the beautiful island settings and gentle beach sounds. Take a rest!

Download Aloha Solitaire for Mac

Order Aloha Solitaire for Mac

February 22, 2010  

The Dracula Files (Windows)

Have you ever listened to the stories about the bloodthirsty Dracula?! Yes, certainly. But what if they are not just fable and hide the real events behind?! The hidden object game The Dracula Files offers you to embark on an unusual adventure together with Michael and Quinn Harker and stop Dracula's evil reign!

Download The Dracula Files for Windows

Order The Dracula Files for Windows

February 19, 2010  

Shutter Island (Mac)

Get ready for the thrilling trip to Shutter Island where Ashecliffe Hospital for the Criminally Insane is situated. You'll help Chuck Aule to find an escaped patient, a murderess name Rachel Solando. Strange things happen at this spooky place - a hurricane bears down upon prisoners. But disappearing patients isn't the only secret the island hides...

Download Shutter Island for Mac

Order Shutter Island for Mac

February 18, 2010  

Jojo's Fashion Show (Online)

Join Jojo Cruz on her unbelievable way back to the glory and fame together with her daughter Rosalind. Help Jojo storm back onto the runway as she stages fabulous fashion shows from New York to Paris to Milan. Make top-notch outfits from cute tops, elegant dresses and stunning heels as you showcase your own fashion sense on the runway!

Play Jojo's Fashion Show online for free

February 18, 2010  

Jewel Quest: Heritage (Windows)

Welcome to your favorite match three series of Jewel Quest! Travel to the Europe's ancient hot spots by making matches on over 175 boards! By swapping jewels and collecting pieces, you will disclose a family secret and get access to the whole version of Jewel Quest 2 included! Start your match three fun!

Download Jewel Quest: Heritage for Windows

Order Jewel Quest: Heritage for Windows

February 17, 2010  

Shutter Island (Windows)

The strange things began to happen on a Shutter Island. It is a hospital for criminally insane. Suddenly patients started to disappear, one by one. US Marshal Teddy Daniels together with his partner arrived to this island in order to investigate the case. But there is something that obviously doesn't want them to leave. But what it is? Is there something mysterious behind the crime?

Download Shutter Island for Windows

Order Shutter Island for Windows

February 16, 2010  

Bubble Shooter (iPhone)

Great news: your favorite Bubble Shooter game is now available on iPhone! From this particular day you can play this game wherever and whenever you want! The goal remains the same: to shoot the like-colored bubbles, but the challenge and pleasure doubles! Now the game can be played in Collector and Sniper modes. Don't waste your time, start bubble shooting!

Get iBubble Shooter lite version

February 16, 2010  

Annie's Millions (Mac)

Join Annie in her money quest as she is going to spend a million dollars! This money was presented to her by her uncle. But she should prove being worthy of it. And thus she has to go in for challenge with her cousins and prove that she can spend it not in vain. Help Annie make the reasonable purchases!

Download Annie's Millions for Mac

Order Annie's Millions for Mac

February 15, 2010  

Million Dollar Quest (Windows)

The storyline of this hidden object game could become a matter of jealousy for any soap opera! Some years ago Sandra was in a horrible car accident causing her to lose her memory and end up in an orphanage. But now she decides to answer an invitation to participate in a competition for one million dollars. It's not so easy, as numerous clues in the competition seem linked to her amnesia and lost childhood memories. Help her to win!

Download Million Dollar Quest for Windows

Order Million Dollar Quest for Windows

February 12, 2010  

The Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets (Windows)

Join Gaby as she's starting her celebrity blog. Uncover Hollywood's dirty secrets by tracking celebrities' whereabouts, following leads from anonymous informants and solving puzzles. Reveal the scandalous details on your blog to become the most famous celebrity blogger in Hollywood!

Download Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets for Windows

Order Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets for Windows

February 11, 2010  

The Clumsys 2: Butterfly Effect (Mac)

Just one little butterfly,taken by grandpa Clumsy from his journey to prehistoric times, didn't flapped its wings and all world history lost it's greatest inventions. Help Helen to turn everything to its former condition in exciting quest The Clumsys 2: Butterfly Effect on your Mac.

Download The Clumsys 2: Butterfly Effect for Mac

Order The Clumsys 2: Butterfly Effect for Mac

February 10, 2010  

The Clumsys 2: Butterfly Effect (Windows)

After grandpa Clumsy inadvertently brings back a butterfly from his trip back to prehistoric times, chain reaction through time changed our modern day into the stone age. And just imagine ?? all these because a single butterfly not flapped its wings. Help Helen to solve this fascinating quest and rediscover all of civilization's greatest inventions in Clumsys 2: Butterfly Effect!

Download The Clumsys 2: Butterfly Effect for Windows

Order The Clumsys 2: Butterfly Effect for Windows

February 9, 2010  

Elementals: The Magic Key (Mac)

Travel to the world of curious creatures with a hidden object game Elementals: The Magic Key on your Mac! Work magic and cast spells in order to help a kind magician find his kidnapped sister. Get acquainted with the inhabitants of this captivating magic world and elementals will not only guide you, but also help!

Download Elementals: The Magic Key for Mac

Order Elementals: The Magic Key for Mac

February 8, 2010  

Born Into Darkness (Windows)

After Twilight 2 - New Moon was released in the world's cinemas, vampire themed games became very popular. Absolutist presents one of the most rewarding of them - Born Into Darkness ?? exciting hidden object quest. Get involved into mysterious adventures full of love and danger.

Download Born Into Darkness for Windows

Order Born Into Darkness for Windows

February 5, 2010  

Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery (Windows)

FBI agent Claire Ellery has got a new task to investigate the crime case. At first it seemed to be an ordinary work. But when she started her investigation, she understood that it would unravel into something more. Join Claire and find the kidnapped girls. Be careful! As there are some mystic forces behind the case!

Download Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery for Windows

Order Strange Cases: The Tarot Card Mystery for Windows

February 4, 2010  

Ancient Secrets (Mac)

Embark on this captivating adventure and you'll uncover the Ancient Secrets! Discover this unique world filled with incredible fun! Take a trip together with young archaeologist Kate to the very heart of the adventures' world. Go searching the ancient secrets of the Tekka in Ancient Secrets on your Mac!

Download Ancient Secrets for Mac

Order Ancient Secrets for Mac

February 3, 2010  

Jewel Quest Solitaire III (Online)

Are you interested in history of ancient civilizations?! Now you can watch its development on your own eyes and even more: you can become the participant of its formation! Play an exclusive card game Jewel Quest Solitaire III online for free and astonish everybody with your erudition!

Play Jewel Quest Solitaire III online for free

February 3, 2010  

Simplz: Zoo (Windows)

Dip into the most challenging match three game together with funny animals as you are to manage your own zoo! Will you be able to make it the best and the most frequently attended in the world? Let's check! Start playing Simplz: Zoo and get the unbelievable charge of merry emotions!

Download Simplz: Zoo for Windows

Order Simplz: Zoo for Windows

February 2, 2010  

Simplz: Zoo (Mac)

Are you ready for exciting match three fun? Specially for you - new mix of match 3 and tycoon game is released at Absolutist.com! You'll decide what animals to add to your zoo and balance customer wants with the zoo finances to make your zoo the best in the world in Simplz: Zoo on your Mac!

Download Simplz: Zoo for Mac

Order Simplz: Zoo for Mac

February 1, 2010  

Mirror Mysteries (Windows)

There was a family that decided to have a rest somewhere at the old house. When a mother was preparing for a picnic, she suddenly heard the sound of breaking mirrors from inside the house. And then she recognized that there were her children. But where have they gone? Will a woman cope with her fear and get inside the mirrors in order to rescue her children?!

Download Mirror Mysteries for Windows

Order Mirror Mysteries for Windows

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