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September 2009


September 30, 2009  

Nat Geo Adventure: Lost City of Z (Windows)

Are you Nat Geo Adventure series fan? So we have great news for you! Nat Geo Adventure: Lost City of Z is out at for you to enjoy exciting hidden object game and captivating storyline based on the novel by David Grann! Start yout ouw journey and try to find the elusive City of the Amazon!

Download Nat Geo Adventure: Lost City of Z for Windows

Order Nat Geo Adventure: Lost City of Z for Windows

September 29, 2009  

Sushi To Go Express (Mac)

Great news for all sushi lovers! Meet new exciting sushi themed time management Sushi To Go Express on your Mac! You'll help Tony Tortuga to build up his own sushi business: serve all customers, buy upgrades and hire new staff! Use all your leadership abilities to help delivery turtle to become real sushi mogul!

Download Sushi To Go Express for Mac

Order Sushi To Go Express for Mac

September 28, 2009  

Patchgirlz! (Free online game)

The best game for cool and glamour girls. Meet a really catching mosaic with 30 motley colorful patterns. Clobber, make-up, sweets, pets, parties, music and cool guys - everything that makes the life of a stylish modern girl. Just complete a pattern using different color patches. Simply drag them and place in the required spots of the picture.

Play Patchgirlz! for free

September 28, 2009  

TextTwist 2 (Windows)

With TextTwist2 you will be able to play one of the most amazing games once more! The second part of the game will deliver you even more pleasure. As it is full of new words to be formed and new game-modes to play in. Shuffle letters as quickly as you can and get a lot of game fun!

Download TextTwist 2 for Windows

Order TextTwist 2 for Windows

September 25, 2009  

Righteous Kill: Revenge of the Poet Killer (Windows)

You will be acting as an investigator in the NYPD and have to deal with the serious affairs. As there was a wave of murders in New York city. No one knows who will be the next. So your duty is to cooperate with Internal Affairs and get as much information as possible so that there were no more victims!

Download Righteous Kill: Revenge of the Poet Killer for Windows

Order Righteous Kill: Revenge of the Poet Killer for Windows

September 24, 2009  

TextTwist 2 (Mac)

Meet one of the most popular word game TextTwist 2 on your Mac! You can choose challenging Timed Mode or relaxing Untimed Mode, but that's not all! You could also try yourself in Crossword solving and Lightning Mode that require to find the word with all given letters. Enjoy TextTwist 2 at just for $9.99!

Download TextTwist 2 for Mac

Order TextTwist 2 for Mac

September 23, 2009  

Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse (Windows)

What is love?! The answer for this question is different for each person. But now you have a chance to watch a love story between a Princess and her beloved. It is an unusual story as it is full of magic, prejudice and hope. Help Isabella, the Princess, rescue her love from an evil curse of a witch!

Download Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse for Windows

Order Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse for Windows

September 22, 2009  

Cradle Of Persia (Mac)

Enjoy match three adventure on your Mac! Start Cradle of Persia and step by step you'll lay the foundation of the cities of this great state. The better you play match-three games as well as bonus levels, the more buildings you can buy for a city. And very soon the place becomes filled with all kinds of places proving the prosperity of the land!

Download Cradle Of Persia for Mac

Order Cradle Of Persia for Mac

September 21, 2009  

Nanny 911 (Windows)

Being a nanny is a really difficult work, don't you think so?! But we give you an opportunity to check whether you will be able to cope with this uneasy task and manage the naughty children! Play time management game and develop the ability to communicate with children!

Download Nanny 911 for Windows

Order Nanny 911 for Windows

September 18, 2009  

Cake Mania: Back to the Bakery (Windows)

Jill's adventures continue! Do you want to join them? As Jill needs a companion for restoration an old bakery! If she copes, she will get a unique offer to have a grand cruise to Hawaiian. Such a reward is worth competition, isn't it? Than download the game now only for $4.99!

Download Cake Mania: Back to the Bakery for Windows

Order Cake Mania: Back to the Bakery for Windows

September 17, 2009  

Boggle (Mac)

We all get used to the moderate pace of word games. But this game changed the whole idea of word puzzlers. Meet the first crazy-paced word game Boggle on your Mac and you'll spell words against your computer or other opponents for hours. The rules are quite simple. Make up as more words as possible out of the letters on the board. When the time runs out compare your number of words with that of your opponent.

Download Boggle for Mac

Order Boggle for Mac

September 16, 2009  

HdO Adventure: Hollywood (Windows)

Yes, it concerns your dreams and desires to become a well-known and famous person! And all this will be real thanks to the new seak and find game! All you need is to look for the special items, which director will use for shooting a film. At first you will only learn, but than you will be able even to make a movie by yourself!

Download HdO Adventure: Hollywood for Windows

Order HdO Adventure: Hollywood for Windows

September 15, 2009  

Plantasia (Mac)

Holly is a fairy in training. One step separates her from a cherished dream to become a full-fledged fairy. As a final trick she must grant a wish of Jack, a despondent owner of infinite lands and a run-down estate. He challenges Holly to repair all the gardens and fountains at his neglected place. The game features simple gameplay and easy controls. Here is everything: vivid colors, action, strategy, even mystic.

Download Plantasia for Mac

Order Plantasia for Mac

September 14, 2009  

Bookworm Adventures: Fractured Fairytales (Windows).

An awful thing occurred! The fairy worlds have gone topsy-turvey and now their creatures are running between the worlds! Only Lex the Bookworm can make the things right. But he will not cope without your help. So, join the bookworm adventure and become the fairytale hero!

Download Bookworm Adventures: Fractured Fairytales for Windows

Order Bookworm Adventures: Fractured Fairytales for Windows

September 11, 2009  

Jewel Quest Mysteries 2 (Windows)

Eva Witheby starts a new adventure to the new unknown place. All this is made for the seek of the precious jewels. Solve puzzles of the hidden objects game and discover all new scrolling search screens. Pack your suitcases as you embark on a thrilling adventure in search of the jewels!

Download Jewel Quest Mysteries 2 for Windows

Order Jewel Quest Mysteries 2 for Windows

September 10, 2009  

Youda Camper (Mac)

Meet the sequel to Youda series games on Your Mac! This time you'll act as a campsite owner. You will have much freedom in choosing how to arrange everything in your camp. You decide what and where you put, how much you charge and whatever else comes up in the course of a campsite management. Create a camping paradise you've always dreamt of!

Download Youda Camper for Mac

Order Youda Camper for Mac

September 9, 2009  

Escape From Paradise 2 (Windows)

Don't read this article! Don't hesitate about whether to play or not! Just download an involving simulation game Escape From Paradise 2 and act! Create a village, settle the citizens and manage their life! Follow love and prejudice, friendship and betrayal and learn them the basics of survival in a tribe!

Download Escape From Paradise 2 for Windows

Order Escape From Paradise 2 for Windows

September 8, 2009  

Diner Dash(Mac)

Wow! Meet the best restaurant time management game in the history of casual games - Diner Dash on your Mac! In this game you'll meet Flo for the first time and for the first time you'll learn the basics of restaurant business: seat customers, take their orders, serve them their food, get them their checks, and bus their tables for the next group! Get ready for action!

Download Diner Dash for Mac

Order Diner Dash for Mac

September 7, 2009  

World Mosaics 2 (Windows)

Are you ready to travel in time with exciting sequel to the popular World Mosaics series? Encounter the strange hourglass artifact which will throw you back in time to the age of the dinosaurs and solve the ancient mystery! Enjoy improved graphics and sound, fun and interesting story, tons of levels and fun puzzles. Enter the World Mosaics 2 just for $6.99

Download World Mosaics 2 for Windows

Order World Mosaics 2 for Windows

September 4, 2009  

The Magician's Handbook II: BlackLore (Windows)

A thrilling adventure to the unexplored world of sorcery and magic welcomes you! If you are brave enough, then it will suit you! Overcome an evil magician of that spooky world! You already know his name. It's Blacklore. Let him know and tremble from the sound of your name with a new puzzle game!

Download The Magician's Handbook II: BlackLore for Windows

Order The Magician's Handbook II: BlackLore for Windows

September 3, 2009  

Jewel Quest Solitaire III (Mac)

Enjoy the sequel of popular Jewel Quest Solitaire series on your Mac! Visit remote destinations from Cambodia to Egypt or Peru and try yourself at matching colorful tiles and solving challenging solitaire layouts to collect exotic artifacts. Play Jewel Quest Solitaire III ?? addictive mixture of solitaire and match 3 games on your Mac just for 9.99!

Download Jewel Quest Solitaire III for Mac

Order Jewel Quest Solitaire III for Mac

September 2, 2009  

Kindergarten (Windows)

Have you ever thought of making a career in a kindergarten? Isn't it a good idea to take care of children and bring them up! Act as Mila, an owner of a kindergarten, and take care of the babies. Enjoy the great time management game and get experience in forming a child's personality!

Download Kindergarten for Windows

Order Kindergarten for Windows

September 1, 2009  

Youda Farmer (Mac)

Enter the world of farm craft with new time management game Youda Farmer on your Mac! You will run your own farm and sell fresh products like eggs, milk or flour to the villagers! Buy useful upgrades, keep all the villagers happy and try to get the reputation of the best farmer ever!

Download Youda Farmer for Mac

Order Youda Farmer for Mac

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