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July 2009


July 31, 2009  

Bejeweled Twist (Windows)

Are you ready to dip into the shockwaves of fun?! Match and explode the same jewels and spend your time pleasantly! The more jewels you match, the more combos you get! Thus you need to do your best in order to succeed! Plat a briiliant game Bejeweled Twist!

Download Bejeweled Twist for Windows

Order Bejeweled Twist for Windows

July 30, 2009  

Xplorer (Mac)

Dive into the atmosphere of mystery with Xplorer on your Mac! In this outstanding mix of hidden object and puzzle games you??ôll travel all around the world and search for treasures. Meet interesting people, solve challenging puzzles and discover interesting locations.

Download Xplorer for Mac

Order Xplorer for Mac

July 29, 2009  

Real Crimes: The Unicorn Killer (Windows)

You will have to fulfill an extremely difficult task, which is to investigate the crimes! You will even become a rookie FBI agent! Do a worldwide travel and explore different locations! You will become the most recognized agent of hidden objects games! Don't doubt!

Download Real Crimes: The Unicorn Killer for Windows

Order Real Crimes: The Unicorn Killer for Windows

July 28, 2009  

Pure Hidden (Mac)

Meet Pure hidden on your Mac! This game is absolutely unusual and extraordinary! There are no boring stories about inheritances and detectives who try to save the world! But the graphics is so amazing and original and the amount of mini-games is so exciting, that you can't stand playing it day and night! Start the purest hidden you've ever seen!

Download Pure Hidden for Mac

Order Pure Hidden for Mac

July 27, 2009  

Double Play: Family Feud and Family Feud II (Windows)

Are you ready to start one of your favourite games? And even more: you are offered to play two games at the price of one! Become a participant of a virtual version of the successful TV-show. Answer the questions and astonish your support team! So, let's play a quiz!

Download Double Play: Family Feud and Family Feud II for Windows

Order Double Play: Family Feud and Family Feud II for Windows

July 24, 2009  

Kuros (Windows)

From the first moments of the game, you will be enveloped into the weird events... You will get into the unexplored lands of the cute creatures and learn about your mission. But the most interesting is that will not be able to recognize a place where you are and even your name! Solve the tasks and breathe life into the forgotten lands.

Download Kuros for Windows

Order Kuros for Windows

July 23, 2009  

Party Down (Mac)

Welcome to the elite of Hollywood where you'll have a perfect chance to mingle with the most famous stars and make a stunning career where your work is a sheer party! Party down, the new fascinating 3D time-management game, offers you a very addictive game play with some new fresh twists that make it even more engaging. So let's go to the party with Party Down on your Mac!

Download Party Down for Mac

Order Party Down for Mac

July 22, 2009  

Pure Hidden (Windows)

Something new and unusual was prepared for you! There was no precedent for it! This game differs with its graphics and mini-games. You will not be able to become bored and tired of the game! Get a new mini-game each time you open a box and enjoy the variety only for $9.99!

Download Pure Hidden for Windows

Order Pure Hidden for Windows

July 21, 2009  

Fishdom H2O (Mac)

After graduating Jennie is eager to work at Old Barney's aquarium, but in order to achieve this she has to prove she is worthy of the honor. She will have to create a beautiful aquarium where all her fish will be happy - and her career will spin immediately! Download Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey on your Mac just for free at!

Download Fishdom H2O for Mac

Order Fishdom H2O for Mac

July 20, 2009  

Babylonia (Windows)

Welcome to Babylon, the counrty of paradise, cordiality and glory! Yor task is to restore its former fame and beauty. For this make matches of three or more similar objects and get an opportunity to arrange green spaces all over Babylon! Beauty will save the world. But who will save beauty? Maybe it's you? Check if you can!

Download Babylonia for Windows

Order Babylonia for Windows

July 17, 2009  

Inca Ball (Windows)

Inca Ball is an addictive arcade game, which will bring you a lot of pleasure! Enjoy over 60 levels, in which you are to shoot a ball into the moving spheres in order to get a chain and burst them. After completing a level, you will get a reward: a chance to get the treasures of the ancient civilizations!

Download Inca Ball for Windows

Order Inca Ball for Windows

July 17, 2009  

Be A King (Windows)

Are you ready to defend the place you live in?! Especially if it is your country, which you have built by your own hands! Become the most powerful and the most brave king with a new strategy game Be A King! Keep an eye on your country in order that monsters and raiders could not raid it!

Download Be A King for Windows

Order Be A King for Windows

July 16, 2009  

Free Game Quiz from Absolutist Team

Do you like playing games and think that you have already played lots of them? Moreover, you can even recognize a game only by its screenshot? Then Game Quiz is what you need! Launch this amazingly thrilling innovation on and compete with your opponents absolutely for free! Astonish your rivals and show them who is who in the world of games!

Challenge your Game

July 16, 2009  

Gold Fever (Mac)

You have great opportunity to join Gold Fever and travel to Wild West in order to get as many gold as you can! Enjoy stunning graphics, useful power-ups and 160 addictive levels! Download Gold Fever on your Mac just for free at!

Download Gold Fever for Mac

Order Gold Fever for Mac

July 15, 2009  

G.H.O.S.T. Chronicles: Phantom of the Renaissance Faire (Windows)

Are you afraid of ghosts? It would be better to make them afraid of you! For this you can play a new and very intriguing hidden objects game and make these supernatural creatures tremble! The time to make them leave our places have come as they forgot who is who in this world and started damaging Spencer's park! Now its fortune is in your hands!

Download G.H.O.S.T. Chronicles: Phantom of the Renaissance Faire for Windows

Order G.H.O.S.T. Chronicles: Phantom of the Renaissance Faire for Windows

July 14, 2009  

Tradewinds Caravans (Mac)

With Tradewinds Caravans on your Mac you have great opportunity to check your trading skills! Follow the Silk Road from China to the Mediterranean Sea, healing your soldiers, buying or sellinf food, lending money, talking to people you need, hireing new soldiers. This game will be a good choice for those who love to take their time and dive deep into the simulation game.

Download Tradewinds Caravans for Mac

Order Tradewinds Caravans for Mac

July 13, 2009  

Season Match 2 (Windows)

It's awful! Because of some controversy, the struggle between the seasons began! The forces split and now winter wants to grab the eternal authority over other seasons! Do you know what this means?! This means eternal cold and no sunny days! All people are waiting on you to resolve the conflict between seasons! Keep yourself busy!

Download Season Match 2 for Windows

Order Season Match 2 for Windows

July 10, 2009  

Jewel Quest Solitaire III

Are you interested in history of ancient civilizations?! Now you can watch its development on your own eyes and even more: you can become the participant of its formation! Play an exclusive card game Jewel Quest Solitaire III only for $9.99 and astonish everybody with your erudition!

Download Jewel Quest Solitaire III for Windows

Order Jewel Quest Solitaire III for Windows

July 10, 2009  

Amazing Heists: Dillinger (Windows)

You will be astonished by the unusual plot of the game! It is not like others! As it invites you into unusual criminal adventure! And it is not a role of detective that you should play! You will become a real hooligan, who is in friendly relationships with a famous criminal man John Dillinger! Write a new criminal story by your own!

Download Amazing Heists: Dillinger for Windows

Order Amazing Heists: Dillinger for Windows

July 9, 2009  

Mystery Stories: Island of Hope (Mac)

In Mystery Stories: Island of Hope you will find all the features so valued by hidden object fans - rich and engaging story, variety of game play and terrific colorful graphics. As Michelle Deanfield, top New York journalist, you will plunge into the exotic atmosphere of the Caribbean to investigate mysterious events supposedly connected with ancient Mayan legends.

Download Mystery Stories: Island of Hope for Mac

Order Mystery Stories: Island of Hope for Mac

July 8, 2009  

Pahelika: Secret Legends (Windows)

Do you believe in magic? The new puzzle game Pahelika: Secret Legends gives you a chance to check whether it exists. The ancient book, which contains a lot of hidden from the world secrets was discovered by a man. After solving puzzles, you can find out what is inside of it! Maybe there are answers for some unusual phenomena...

Download Pahelika: Secret Legends for Windows

Order Pahelika: Secret Legends for Windows

July 7, 2009  

Peggle Nights (Mac)

Good news for all Peggle series lovers! Now you cam download Peggle Nights on your Mac at! In the third part of famous game you'll meet unusual creatures and get new friends! Lots of power-ups, two gaming modes and colorful graphics will make you became one of the numerous Peggle fans (if you are still not one of them)!

Download Peggle Nights for Mac

Order Peggle Nights for Mac

July 6, 2009  

Holly 2: Magic Land (Windows)

Return peace and restore justice in the Magic land! The matter is that Holly's daughter was kidnapped by someone. Holly is in despair, but she doesn't stop looking for her. She needs your help! Find the hidden items all around, solve puzzles, play mini-games and you will make a contribution to finding Holly's lost child!

Download Holly 2: Magic Land for Windows

Order Holly 2: Magic Land for Windows

July 3, 2009  

Atlantis Bundle (Windows)

Find an answer to the most interesting and mysterious question about existence of the most attractive for all the people continent! Play two games in one and earn money for your expedition. Find Atlantis and restore it to its previous might! Get your gift of Ancient Athens screensaver in order to remember the times of the expedition!

Download Atlantis Bundle for Windows

Order Atlantis Bundle for Windows

July 2, 2009  

Winemaker Extraordinaire (Mac)

This time you'll try your skills in the most exquisite industry ever - wine making. The heroine of this game goes to Italy (here should be the boring story about heritage, but let's omit it) where she will become a member of the Guild of Extraordinary Winemakers and collect all the 15 pieces of the recipe of Vino Ultimate - the best wine known in history. Help her with this important mission and became Extraordinaire Winemaker!

Download Winemaker Extraordinaire for Mac

Order Winemaker Extraordinaire for Mac

July 1, 2009  

Create A Mall (Windows)

Prepare to hear something interesting and useful for making one of your dreams come true! Now you can launch a network of shopping malls in your city! The start capital is only $9.99! So, download the time management game Create A Mall and get your portion of success!

Download Create A Mall for Windows

Order Create A Mall for Windows

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