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June 2009


June 30, 2009  

Youda Marina (Mac)

Summer is the best time for sprawling on the beach or swimming on the warm sea. With new game Youda Marina on your Mac you can easily relax on the seaside...but only after you will do all the job on your own harbour: deal with all kinds of docks, boats and facilities. The challenging simulation game play and astonishing graphics will keep your attached to the game for hours!

Download Youda Marina for Mac

Order Youda Marina for Mac

June 29, 2009  

Double Play: Jewel Quest 2 and 3 (Windows)

Wow! It's a great proposition: you can order two games at the price of only $9.99! In this game you will see love and happiness, betrayal and penalty. You will travel the world in search of the cure in order to rescue Rupert and Emma's daughter Natalie. Turn tiles into gold and enjoy the game!

Download Double Play: Jewel Quest 2 and 3 for Windows

Order Double Play: Jewel Quest 2 and 3 for Windows

June 26, 2009  

Youda Marina (Windows)

Tired of monotonous daily life and want some fun? Youda Marina offers you to build the Marina you dreamed of so long. Enjoy this simulation and time management game by upgrading your Marina, inviting new people and serving them. When you earn enough money, you can even open the new hotels and restaurants. It's you chance!

Download Youda Marina for Windows

Order Youda Marina for Windows

June 25, 2009  

Sprouts Adventure (Mac)

They are so tiny and kind... that they can't even fight with some great and powerful evil forces. That's why they ask for your help. Their names are Sprouts. They are few in number and may vanish from the face of earth. Use your powers and rescue them!

Download Sprouts Adventure for Mac

Order Sprouts Adventure for Mac

June 24, 2009  

Weekend Party Fashion Show (Windows)

Make your star shine on a fashion sky! Help Lilly make an explosion of the new colours and styles, which will lead towards creation of the new and unfamiliar clothes! Strike everybody with your new fashion ideas and get your ticket in the world of fashion only for $9.99!

Download Weekend Party Fashion Show for Windows

Order Weekend Party Fashion Show for Windows

June 23, 2009  

Pocahontas: Princess of the Powhatan (Mac)

Are you interested in history? If no, then from this time you will for sure get in love with it. As you will be traveling to different locations in search of the New World. Somewhere on its shores there is the Powhatan land, which is leaded by Pocahontas. Get acquainted with her and she will reveal some historically important facts for you!

Download Pocahontas: Princess of the Powhatan for Mac

Order Pocahontas: Princess of the Powhatan for Mac

June 22, 2009  

Pocahontas: Princess of the Powhatan (Windows)

Become a witness of one of the most enigmatic and risky life! Maybe you will be able even to solve the love triangle between the princess of Powhatan, Captain John Smith and settler John Rolfe. Are you ready for the whirlwind of adventures? Then Pocahontas: Princess of the Powhatan is just what you need!

Download Pocahontas: Princess of the Powhatan for Windows

Order Pocahontas: Princess of the Powhatan for Windows

June 19, 2009  

Tradewinds Odyssey (Windows)

Join five heroes and meet the wind of adventures together! Build the fleet and conquer the world of trade by supplying the best goods ever to the people from the remote countries! Fortune is on your side as the gods has already prepared come magical spells for you to be successful! Don't miss such an opportunity!

Download Tradewinds Odyssey for Windows

Order Tradewinds Odyssey for Windows

June 18, 2009  

Searcherz! (free online multiplayer game)

Play a new addictive free multiplayer quest game. Test your knowledge and try to become an absolute winner. Feel yourself a detective or statistician, find the word combination most frequently asked in searching engines!

Play Searcherz! online for free

June 18, 2009  

Plan It Green (Mac)

Enjoy new simulation game Plan It Green on your Mac! Being elected the Mayor of a large industrial city, you decide to make it totally green. In order to do this you have a wide range of means, like green upgrades, new ecologically clean jobs for your citizens and eco-homes for everyone! Think green and bring back the natural beauty of your city on your Mac!

Download Plan It Green for Mac

Order Plan It Green for Mac

June 17, 2009  

Mahjongg: Ancient Mayas (Windows)

They had answers to practically all the questions... They could predict future... They were the most powerful tribes in the world. Would humanity be able to get such level of development as Mayas?! You are to find the answer by playing the magnificent puzzle game Mahjongg: Ancient Mayas!

Download Mahjongg: Ancient Mayas for Windows

Order Mahjongg: Ancient Mayas for Windows

June 16, 2009  

Miss Teri Tale: Vote 4 Me (Mac)

In the sequel to the popular game Miss Teri Tale Peeking Town is in election fever, and Miss Teri Tale is determined to become the new mayor. What about learning the voting habits of neighbor citizens in such an exciting hidden object game? New character, a whole town to explore and hundreds of cleverly hidden objects await for you! Download this game just for free at!

Download Miss Teri Tale: Vote 4 Me for Mac

Order Miss Teri Tale: Vote 4 Me for Mac

June 15, 2009  

Magic Ball 4 (Windows)

It's a great opportunity to show your super skills and become a top hero not only in our world, but also in another dimensions! Rescue the earthmen, who were kidnapped and taken into the parallel world by aliens! And you will be recognized and praized! Use you starship to travel through different galaxies and get enourmous pleasure from a new game Magic Ball 4!

Download Magic Ball 4 for Windows

Order Magic Ball 4 for Windows

June 12, 2009  

Kitten Sanctuary (Windows)

Oh, no! Your favourite kitten may be trapped and captured by the aliens! Don't let such a tragedy to be done! Use your match three skills, defeat the strange creatures from another world and take them away from the Kitten Island! It is your battle! Do your best to rescue the pets!

Download Kitten Sanctuary for Windows

Order Kitten Sanctuary for Windows

June 11, 2009  

Mystery Stories: Berlin Nights (Mac)

Meet new game of Mystery Stories series Berlin Nights on your Mac! This time the journalist Michelle Deanfield travels to Berlin in order to find a century-old machine which is presumably able to solve the energy problem of the modern human civilization. Download this exciting hidden object game and enjoy great number of items to find, useful hints and two game modes!

Download Mystery Stories: Berlin Nights for Mac

Order Mystery Stories: Berlin Nights for Mac

June 10, 2009  

Mystery Stories: Berlin Nights (Windows)

It is a fact that there is a huge problem with energy consumption in the world. But there is one person who is able to solve it. Guess who? Right! It's you! Compete with the former german communists and be the first to find the secret energy machine from World War II!

Download Mystery Stories: Berlin Nights for Windows

Order Mystery Stories: Berlin Nights for Windows

June 9, 2009  

3 Days: Zoo Mystery (Mac)

Meet brand new hidden object game 3 Days: Zoo Mystery on your Mac! Family secrets, mysterious disappearances of zoo residents and great variety of bright locations will keep you in front of your computer till you solve this enigmatic case! Download 3 Days: Zoo Mystery at for free and help your uncle bring all the animals back!

Download for Mac

Order for Mac

June 5, 2009  

Sky Kingdoms (Windows)

Sky Kingdoms open their horizons for you! Now you are free for exploring the heavens in a breathtaking fantasy world! You will face challenging arcade style game, a great deal of bonuses and manificent pleasure! You will for sure enjoy this match-three marble-popper!

Download Sky Kingdoms for Windows

Order Sky Kingdoms for Windows

June 4, 2009  

Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegas (Windows)

Organize the most romantic wedding ceremonies in Las Vegas! Don't get into the vortex of bustle and events: stay concentrated and find all the items needed for wedding. Fulfill all the necessary tasks and make the couples, which are getting married, satisfied and glad! Become a writer of their romantic story of love!

Download Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegas for Windows

Order Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegas for Windows

June 4, 2009  

Fortune Tiles Gold (Mac)

Become the Master of Fortunes with new unique match three puzzler Fortune Tiles Gold on your Mac! In this unusual game you will solve new type of puzzles to get a fortunes from the wise man and discover the secrets of Love, Wisdom and Strength! You'll also meet unusual creatures and certainly enjoy stunning graphics and jolly music! Download for free at and start tiles fun on your Mac!

Download Fortune Tiles Gold for Mac

Order Fortune Tiles Gold for Mac

June 3, 2009  

3 Days: Zoo Mystery (Windows)

Something strange has happened in the zoo that unlucky day... There are only 3 days to unravel this unpredictable mystery...Take part in an incredible detective story together with Anna and expose the villain. Maybe he is near...It's up to you to solve this enigmatic and tangled riddle!

Download 3 Days: Zoo Mystery for Windows

Order 3 Days: Zoo Mystery for Windows

June 2, 2009  

Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe (Mac)

Build-a-lot 3 and get your passport to Europe! You can not only travel throughout the Europe, but also find the rundown places and houses and beatify them! Restore the damaged buildings or renew the old and you will change the world! Get your passport to fun on your Mac!

Download Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe for Mac

Order Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe for Mac

June 1, 2009  

Fortune Tiles Gold (Windows)

Get prepared for enjoying yourself with a new puzzle game Fortune Tiles Gold! Make matches of three or more tiles and discover the secrets of Love, Wisdom and Strength! Meanwhile get acquainted with the sophisticated creatures and learn the profound proverbs!

Download Fortune Tiles Gold for Windows

Order Fortune Tiles Gold for Windows

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