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May 2009


May 29, 2009  

Supermarket Mania (Windows)

Get involved into the supermarket craze! Astonish everybody by your success and progress in reaching the goal! Open a line of supermarkets and earn a lot of money on it! Try your skills in managing business with a new time management game Supermarket Mania!

Download Supermarket Mania for Windows

Order Supermarket Mania for Windows

May 28, 2009  

Cradle of Rome (Mac)

Have you ever visited Olympus - the legendary home of Greek gods? You've got a great opportunity to do this just by playing a new match three game Cradle of Rome at! You are to move from one epoch of Roman history to another overcoming 40 levels on each stage and collect assets for creating a great Empire. Start this addictive matching fun without skipping a beat!

Download Cradle of Rome for Mac

Order Cradle of Rome for Mac

May 27, 2009  

The Pharaoh's Mystery

Always wanted to live a pharaoh's life?! Start a new arcade game and discover the three thousands years old treasures! These treasures were kept in secret and guarded by a Pharaoh himself. But now the mystery is revealed and you should hurry up to find a location where they are hidden!

Download The Pharaoh's Mystery for Windows

Order The Pharaoh's Mystery for Windows

May 26, 2009  

Age of Japan (Mac)

Good news for all Japan lovers! Now you have a chance to enjoy all the beauty of this land of the rising sun of all the seasons! Start Age of Japan on your Mac and play Arcade and Puzzle modes of challenging match three fun! Reveal 12 incredible bonuses and take all the advantages from fast-paced play and moody soundtracks!

Download Age of Japan for Mac

Order Age of Japan for Mac

May 25, 2009  

Cate West: The Velvet Keys (Windows)

Cate West has found a body of a dead person. She wants to disclose a crime and find a guilty. She will not cope without your help. Track down the enigmatic Velvet Keys, which will help in finding the murderers. Enjoy the thrilling game, which will not be indifferent to!

Download Cate West: The Velvet Keys for Windows

Order Cate West: The Velvet Keys for Windows

May 22, 2009  

Dreamsdwell Stories (Windows)

Every one has some dreams. What are yours? Now there is a possibility to realize them with a new match three game Dreamsdwell Stories! Use your imagination to build a fantasy town. Help your dwellers build new structures and get magic powers! Make chains with the similar spheres and get a lot of bonuses! Master the magical skill of a wizard and make your dreams come true!

Download Dreamsdwell Stories for Windows

Order Dreamsdwell Stories for Windows

May 21, 2009  

Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child (Mac)

One day Faye waking up with no recollection of her past or who she really is, except that she keeps having dreams that she has a husband and a daughter who's taken by the Fairy Queen of Dreams. Guided by a good-looking man who communicates with her through a crystal ball, Faye sets out to save her child once more. Help her in this difficult and dangerous journey and download Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child for free on your Mac!

Download for Mac

Order for Mac

May 20, 2009  

Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child (Windows)

The third part of the game Dream Chronicles will involve you into the adventure through mystery and challenge! Solve puzzles and you will find the clues, which will help you to find Faye's daughter! Play a new seek-and-find game and get a lot of positive emotions!

Download Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child for Windows

Order Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child for Windows

May 19, 2009  

Dragon Portals (Mac)

Acting as Mila, a descendent of the ancient dynasty of dragon sentinel, you will venture on the noble mission of saving dragons tied to earth while solving challenging matching puzzles using special powerups in the exciting new game Dragon Portals on your Mac. Can you open all the Portals in time?

Download for Mac

Order for Mac

May 18, 2009  

Wandering Willows (Windows)

You have got into a crash and now you will have to live on a island. But don't be upset! It is a remarkable island with lots of friends and kind creatures! Get acquainted with each other and look for one of 40 pets to help you. Train you pet and enjoy spending time in the Wandering Willows!

Download Wandering Willows for Windows

Order Wandering Willows for Windows

May 15, 2009  

Amazing Adventures Special Edition (Windows)

Hurry up to continue your unforgettable adventure with Amazing Adventures Special Edition. It is a unique offer of ordering the bundle of two games at the price of one! Hurry up to explore the locations in Egypt and find the most expensive gem in the world!

Download Amazing Adventures Special Edition for Windows

Order Amazing Adventures Special Edition for Windows

May 14, 2009  

Wild Tribe (Mac)

Now you have a chance to become the head of extremely wild but very cute tribe! With Wild Tribe on your Mac you will help wild animals called Wobblies evolve and become wild builders, wild doctors, wild warriors and get skilled in other wild professions! Enjoy wild everything and download Wild Tribe on your Mac just for free at!

Download for Mac

Order for Mac

May 13, 2009  

Virtual Families (Windows)

The developers of the Virtual Villagers represent a new addicting game! Start your unusual virtual family and take care of it as of a real one! You should help the members of the families meet with each other, share the new information and visit different events. Grow the new personalities by your own!

Download Virtual Families for Windows

Order Virtual Families for Windows

May 12, 2009  

Luxor 3 (Mac)

Meet the third installment of world-renowned game series- Luxor 3. While the world is obsessed with hidden object hunting and complicated simulation games, this simple yet absorbing marble-shooting will melt your heart by it's awesome graphics and captivating storyline. Download Luxor 3 on your Mac just for free at!

Download Luxor 3 for Mac

Order Luxor 3 for Mac

May 11, 2009  

Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (Windows)

Do you want to get involved into a hurricane of emotions and belief in hope? As you will embark on an unforgettable adventure together with Daniel Defoe??s creature ?? Robinson Crusoe! Try what it is to live alone on a deserted island with a new puzzle game!

Download Adventures of Robinson Crusoe for Windows

Order Adventures of Robinson Crusoe for Windows

May 8, 2009  

Gem Slider Deluxe just for $5.99

Happy Mother's Day! Get of one the brightest puzzle games with the discount just for $5.99! Choose your favorite stellar constellation and find the board for Gem Slider there. Enjoy three game modes: Sky Quest, Arcade and Classic. The goal of the game is to remove all the gems from the board. Match three or more gems together and they disappear. This game is a real treasure!

Download Gem Slider Deluxe for free

Order Gem Slider Deluxe just for $5.99

May 7, 2009  

Deep Voyage ( Windows and Mac)

We have great news for all match 3 and puzzle lovers! Now you have great opportunity to make all the dreams of young beautiful mermaid become truth! Little cute water nymph has a dream to become a royal sea gardener of Underwater Kingdom! But she should take part in really hard competitions and face a lot of difficulties! Help poor little thing and enjoy colorful water adventure with Deep Voyage on your Mac!

Download Deep Voyage for Windows

Download Deep Voyage for Mac

May 6, 2009  

Legacy: World Adventure (Windows)

It??s high time to start traveling all over the world! It is even know who will be your guide! Her name is Emily King, a girl who is fond of adventures and excitement. During your joint travel, she will polish your abilities in match three! You will learn to solve the mini-games and find the clues!

Download Legacy: World Adventure for Windows

Order Legacy: World Adventure for Windows

May 5, 2009  

Wandering Willows (Mac)

Meet brand new strategy Wandering Willows on your Mac! In this exciting game you will travel around magic country full of queer creatures. You will meet other people who trapped this world and little cute dragon will help you to make friends with them. Moreover you have wonderful possibility to create the hero you like at the beginning of the game and create great new clothes during game process! Download Wandering Willows for free at!

Download Wandering Willows for Mac

Order Wandering Willows for Mac

May 4, 2009  

PJ Pride II (Windows)

The whole town is shocked! Citizens?? favorite pets go missing! But where could they be and who could make such an awful thing? You are the one to answer these questions! Don??t delay your investigation and start your work right now!

Download PJ Pride II for Windows

Order PJ Pride II for Windows

May 1, 2009  

Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch (Windows)

Pack your suitcases and travel the exotic locations! Do some investigative work and find the hidden items all over the locations. When the ancient powers will be discovered, don??t let them fall into the enemies?? hands. Discover the secrets of the Golden Touch!

Download Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch for Windows

Order Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch for Windows

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