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March 2009


March 31, 2009  

Azkend (Mac)

Oh no! Your archaeological team got into trouble! It founds the relic, which turned to be cursed! The only decision is to travel to the Temple of Time so that to remove the spell from it! And it is you, who can accept this mission! So you are going to save not only your life (which is actually very essential due to the circumstances) but the Humanity in general! Don??™t linger and enjoy unusual match three game Azkend at!

Download Azkend for Mac

Order Azkend for Mac

March 30, 2009  

Liong: The Lost Amulets (Windows)

The harmony of nature was broken and its five vitally important elements were lost. Explore different locations in order to collect power-up pearls. Create magic spells and reveal the elements. You will sure get a lot of pleasure by playing an addicting mix of hidden object and mahjong game play!

Download Liong: The Lost Amulets for Windows

Order Liong: The Lost Amulets for Windows

March 27, 2009  

Fairy Jewels 2 (Windows)

The dark and white powers continue the conflict of opposites! This time they have chosen Wonderland as a location. The struggle is going between the young sorceress Kalina and an evil which, who is trying to destroy the magic city. Help Kalina withstand this battle and defeat the dark forces!

Download Fairy Jewels 2 for Windows

Order Fairy Jewels 2 for Windows

March 26, 2009  

Emerald City Confidential (Mac)

We have great news for all The Wonderful Wizard of Oz lovers! Now you can enjoy the sequel to your favourite story combined with unexpected detective investigation! Acting as Petra you will meet all her old ???friends??? and find mysteriously disappeared guy Anzel! More over you will have other exciting investigations! Try to help miserable sailors as they forced to violate the laws of Emerald City and find evidences against crooked lawyer C. Lion who??™s almost sent you to death! Enjoy the magic detective story with Emerald City Confidential on your Mac!

Download Emerald City Confidential for Mac

Order Emerald City Confidential for Mac

March 25, 2009  

Mysterious City: Cairo (Windows)

Do you have enough skills and desire to show thieves ???who is who??? in Cairo?! Compete with injustice in a hidden object battle and help to recover the Alexandria Museum. You should find the rare artifacts and return them to the Museum. Keep your eye sharp! As these thieves are very intricate in there favorite affairs!

Download Mysterious City: Cairo for Windows

Order Mysterious City: Cairo for Windows

March 24, 2009  

Chocolatier: Decadence By Design (Mac)

Are you going to start your own business? Than we have great news for you! Chocolatier: Decadence By Design ??“ best game of business simulations series - could help you to understand the basic rules of business. In this game you will run your own chocolate factory! So you have to travel to the different places to get the best ingredients for the best prices, search for new recipes and sell your "masterpieces" of chocolate art to the market! Enjoy addictive mini-games and sweet storyline at!

Download for Mac

Order for Mac

March 23, 2009  

The Curse of Montezuma (Windows)

Get prepared for the mysterious and fantastic adventure together with Cathie Jones, world famous archeologist. Discover the Fountain of Youth and give hundreds of people an answer for an eternal youth question. Make matches and get closer to the solution!

Download The Curse of Montezuma for Windows

Order The Curse of Montezuma for Windows

March 20, 2009  

Jetsetter (Windows)

Dip into an amazing world of chic and stylishness! Live the lives of the rich and famous celebrities and you will find out the way they cope with different situations! Look into 28 different locations and resolve their problems! It is the most popular vacation game!

Download Jetsetter for Windows

Order Jetsetter for Windows

March 19, 2009  

Laura Jones and Gates of Good and Evil (Mac)

Have you ever saved the world? Sure! With Laura Jones and Gates of Good and Evil you could do it one more time! This time you will join Laura and take part in the secret project led by Professor Adams. So you need to find all the mysterious artifacts and the parts of the key to open secret gates. Restore the balance of Good and Evil on your Mac only for $9.99!

Download Laura Jones and Gates of Good and Evil for Mac

Order Laura Jones and Gates of Good and Evil for Mac

March 18, 2009  

A Fairy Tale (Windows)

Help the little faeries save their sweet home. As an evil wizard decided to completely destroy the forest they live in. But for this you should solve over 100 puzzling levels and stand the test of the risky adventures! Happy journey!

Download A Fairy Tale for Windows

Order A Fairy Tale for Windows

March 17, 2009  

A Fairy Tale (Mac)

In this game you are going to get back to your childhood and create your own fairy tale. Powerful and evil monster has entered magical forest and started doing really bad things. You will help a team of young elves to solve ancient fairy puzzles and fill in the bottle with magic to defeat the monster! Have a nice St. Patrick Day with A Fairy Tale on your Mac!

Download A Fairy Tale for Mac

Order A Fairy Tale for Mac

March 16, 2009  

The Enchanting Islands (Windows)

The Enchanted Islands were personification of harmony and pacification. But the dark powers have captured it and brought disaster and devastation. Return the islands to the former state by collecting the elements and preparing spells in this match three game! Defeat the enemies!

Download The Enchanting Islands for Windows

Order The Enchanting Islands for Windows

March 13, 2009  

Suspects and Clues (Windows)

Are you sharp enough to deceive the thieves and vandals of the century?! Start a photograph hunt and check your investigating abilities! Your task is to compare the beautiful pictures from all over the world and trace the counterfeiters felons! Keep your eye in challenge!

Download Suspects and Clues for Windows

Order Suspects and Clues for Windows

March 12, 2009  

Call of Atlantis (Mac)

This game will be the best present for mythical literature lovers! In this spicy mix of match three and hidden object games you will travel to seven ancient lands such as Egypt, Carthage, Greece, Babylon and others and enjoy more than 60 unique stages! So collect all the gems to calm Poseidon and save antique civilization on your Mac only for $9.99!

Download Call of Atlantis for Mac

Order Call of Atlantis for Mac

March 11, 2009  

Paranormal Agency (Windows)

Are you ready to see some ghosts and bear a poltergeist attack?! Then welcome to the Heather??™s paranormal agency! Here you will be investigating the supernatural and full of unsolved mystery crimes! You will be allowed to see such the things that only a gifted person can! Save the innocent citizens from the mysterious events!

Download Paranormal Agency for Windows

Order Paranormal Agency for Windows

March 10, 2009  

Nanny Mania 2 (Mac)

Now you have a chance to become closer to Hollywood stars! In Nanny Mania 2 you will turn the chaos in the star houses into order. In this sequel to the Nanny Mania Emma moves on to help Sophia Ashford, an incredibly wealthy woman who can't seem to keep her family affairs in order. Hate house work? In Nanny Mania 2 on your Mac you??™ll enjoy it, as you can do laundry or cleaning just with your mouse clicks!

Download Nanny Mania 2 for Mac

Order Nanny Mania 2 for Mac

March 9, 2009  

Gems Quest (Windows)

Travel through the Jungles, making a pass to the prosperity! Find the ancient temple and collect enormous amount of gold and gems! With every successful step, you will get the bonuses and special gifts! Play the perfect mix of puzzle, arcade and adventure gameplay!

Download Gems Quest for Windows

Order Gems Quest for Windows

March 6, 2009  

Neverland (Windows)

Remember yourself in childhood?! The toys you liked and the games you played??¦ Do you miss this time? Now there is an opportunity to recollect the favorite moments from this period of time and travel through the land of dreams! Join Diane in order to find and recover the lost toys! Be careful! As you can get lost in this fabulous country. Return to childhood with a new hidden objects game!

Download Neverland for Windows

Order Neverland for Windows

March 5, 2009  

Farm Mania (Mac)

Farm theme takes huge part of the time management games, but still it doesn??™t make Farm Mania less catching. In this addictive farming game for your Mac you will help pretty girl Anna who chosen grandpa??™s farm and really hard working instead having fun and enjoying her summer holidays. Anna has a lot of work to do: grow plants, feed and water animals and sell all the products! Make her work less tiring and show Anna how to enjoy country life only for $9.99!

Download Farm Mania for Mac

Order Farm Mania for Mac

March 4, 2009  

Lost in Reefs (Windows)

Start a new journey full of excitement and risk! Collect all your force and desire in order to struggle for the ancient civilization of dragons! It will not be an easy task, but you will cope with it. Dip under the sea and find the remains of the lost cities. Play match three game and gather the resources for repairing the civilization!

Download Lost in Reefs for Windows

Order Lost in Reefs for Windows

March 3, 2009  

Ranch Rush (Mac)

Very sad news came to the Sara??™s precious farm! Her boss Jim could go bankrupt and have to sell the ranch. So, little busy bee Sara has only 3 additional acres and short 8 weeks to keep her ranch productive and profitable. But with her wise and bright head that??™s not a problem at all! She found a way out, but she couldn??™t cope with all the work without your help!

Download Ranch Rush for Mac

Order Ranch Rush for Mac

March 2, 2009  

Youda Farmer (Windows)

Youda Farmer ??“ is a new approach to the country life, which will totally change your attitude towards farming! And you are welcome to experience it! It is easy to master the farm craft and provide your village with the best agricultural products! You will grow and harvest, feed and sell and finally make money and get a lot of bonuses for your efforts! Have some farm on a Younda farm!

Download Youda Farmer for Windows

Order Youda Farmer for Windows

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