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February 2009


February 27, 2009  

Party Down (Windows)

Tired of your routine work?! Relax and have some fun! Spend your time on the best and most exclusive parties ever! All you need is the stylish clothes and good mood. Join the Hollywood elite and have the best rest ever at huge yachts, extravagant balls, and exclusive nightclubs!

Download Party Down for Windows

Order Party Down for Windows

February 26, 2009  

Around the World in 80 Days (Mac)

This time we are going to the exciting journey around the world as rich London bachelor Phileas Fogg undertakes to make a trip around the world and come back in 80 days in extraordinary game based on the well-known novel by Jules Verne. Enjoy Around the World in 80 Days - captivating mix of unusual match 3 game and amusing storyline!

Download Around the World in 80 Days for Mac

Order Around the World in 80 Days for Mac

February 25, 2009  

Satisfashion (Windows)

Astonish everyone around by the new and refined clothes! Apply your eye for design and make your own contribution to the fashionable world! Of course, your talent will be recognized and so you will be asked to demonstrate the new clothe ideas on the best fashion shows of Paris, Milan and Tokyo! Don??t waste your time! Start developing the new ideas!

Download Satisfashion for Windows

Order Satisfashion for Windows

February 24, 2009  

Ricochet Infinity (Mac)

Do you have doubts about reaching the stars?! Don??t hesitate! Launch Ricochet Infinity game and travel through Galaxy! You will get face to face with risk, enemies and victories in 216 awesome levels. Get ready for the fantastic Galactic Tournament!

Download Ricochet Infinity for Mac

Order Ricochet Infinity for Mac

February 23, 2009  

Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party (Windows)

Remember your first steps and victories on farm and get involved into the new adventure! Do some agricultural work, grow the plants, feed animals, collect produce and you will get all the necessary ingredients for organizing a pizza party! Don??t hesitate and dip into the work. The sooner you start, the sooner you will be eating pizza!

Download Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party for Windows

Order Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party for Windows

February 20, 2009  

The Wizard's Pen (TM) (Windows)

Sometimes fortune behaves in a strange way and laughs at people. This time a wizard got in its nets and got lost in his own spellbinding adventure! He has vanished and you should find him using your own magic powers and spells! Don??t be afraid, you do have some powers!

Download The Wizard's Pen for Windows

Order The Wizard's Pen for Windows

February 19, 2009  

Restoring Rhonda (Mac)

Everyone has unlucky days! Rhonda is not an exception! Her boss offered her to have the greatest chance in her life to restore a priceless painting, but after several days of endless and hard work she made an awful mistake and destroyed it! Poor girl was fired and ridiculed by the press! Help Rhonda to bring her reputation and precious job back with unusual mix of match three game and restoring works of art puzzles on your Mac!

Download Restoring Rhonda for Mac

Order Restoring Rhonda for Mac

February 18, 2009  

Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine (Windows)

The chance to become the best Chef in the word has come! Grab it and hurry up to polish your skills in cooking in the best Cooking Academy ever! Prepare the meals from different cuisines: Mexican, Chinese and even Japanese! Don??t work for food, let food work for you!

Download Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine for Windows

Order Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine for Windows

February 17, 2009  

Alice Greenfingers 2 (Mac)

Get ready for the new adventures and work on a farm together with Alice. As she is going to completely rearrange her uncle??s farm. Join a new season and work miracles on a patch of land. Grow new kinds of plants and breed new animals. Make your farm unique!

Download Alice Greenfingers 2 for Mac

Order Alice Greenfingers 2 for Mac

February 16, 2009  

Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion (Windows)

The world of fashion faced the awful events! It has been suffering from a killer who has an eye for design! He has murdered a famous designer and frightened all the beauty world. Investigate this case and find the killer! But be on the alert and watch out!

Download Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion for Windows

Order Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion for Windows

February 13, 2009  

World Voyage (Windows)

Pack your suitcases: we are starting the world tour! Get prepared for the bright impressions and exciting sights! As you will see practically all the main sightseeing and masterpieces of the architecture! And all this with your favorite match three game style! Travel with your match three game!

Download World Voyage for Windows

Order World Voyage for Windows

February 12, 2009  

Alice Greenfingers (Mac)

Are you time management games lover? So you??ll certainly like this game! Upgrade the equipment, plant fruits and vegetables and look after chickens to feel the taste of real farm life and to help Alice keep her farm productive and profitable. Enjoy unusual mix of simulation and time management with Alice Greenfingers on your Mac!

Download Alice Greenfingers for Mac

Order Alice Greenfingers for Mac

February 11, 2009  

The Three Stoogies (Windows)

Do you want to get some fun and pleasure? Just join Larry, Moe and Curly in their comic challenge for the fabulous treasures! Solve puzzles, play mini-games and navigate these fellows towards victory in the most enjoyable hidden object game! Feel yourself a star of the Stoogy movies!

Download The Three Stoogies for Windows

Order The Three Stoogies for Windows

February 10, 2009  

Can You See What I See - Dream Machine (Mac)

Clyde Curfuffle is in trouble. He has prepared the birthday presents for his niece and nephew, but forgot where he put them. The only way to find them is to use a unique dream machine. It will help you to interpret Clyde??s dreams and the presents. Make your contribution into creating a happy birthday!

Download Can You See What I See - Dream Machine for Mac

Order Can You See What I See - Dream Machine for Mac

February 9, 2009  

Can You See What I See - Dream Machine (Windows)

While his niece and nephew were preparing for their birthday, Clyde has lost their presents. But they happened to be the rare items! He can??t recollect where he has put them. You are to intrude into his mind and thoughts with the help of a dream machine. Trace all the precede events and find their location! Make a present of joy to the children!

Download Can You See What I See - Dream Machine for Windows

Order Can You See What I See - Dream Machine for Windows

February 6, 2009  

Pictureka Museum Mayhem (Windows)

A group of bandits attacked the museum and made a real mess there! The main thing is that they re-arranged all the exhibits. An important task is entrusted to you. Don??t let the museum??s reputation to be ruined by this awful action!

Download Pictureka Museum Mayhem for Windows

Order Pictureka Museum Mayhem for Windows

February 5, 2009  

Adventure Chronicles (Mac)

Issue a challenge to the adventures, intrigue and risk! Travel the world, explore the locations and find the never seen before treasures. Susan will help and guide you. Together with her you will move mountains and grab the unbelievable treasures and bonuses!

Download Adventure Chronicles for Mac

Order Adventure Chronicles for Mac just for $9.99

February 4, 2009  

Adventure Chronicles (Windows)

Start a new adventure in search of the incalculable treasures, which the world has never seen before! Guide Susan and together you will travel the world and find the greatest treasures of all the history. Explore the locations and get a lot of bonuses. Don??t miss a chance of a lifetime!

Download Adventure Chronicles for Windows

Order Adventure Chronicles for Windows

February 3, 2009  

Dream Day First Home (Mac)

Help Jenny and Robert to take their first steps in marriage and solve all the problems connected with shopping and decoration work to make newlyweds enjoy their first weeks together! Enjoy 36 brain-teasing backgrounds with 12 exciting mini-games! Plunge into the world of love with fascinating sequel of addicting hidden object game Dream Day Wedding on your Mac!

Download Dream Day First Home for Mac

Order Dream Day First Home for Mac

February 2, 2009  

Wild West Quest 2 (Windows)

Packed with even more excitement and adventure than the original, Wild West Quest 2 will take you on a whirlwind of a ride! Stampede into authentic Wild West locations, swagger through 6 unique game-play styles and meet dozens of iconic western characters in a sequel that promises to end with a bang!

Download Wild West Quest 2 for Windows

Order Wild West Quest 2 for Windows

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