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December 2008


December 30, 2008  

Virtual Villagers (Mac)

Take care of your little virtual tribe! As they need your assistance and support! There was a volcano eruption in their island. And most of their property was damaged! Help the villagers restore their houses and explore the new locations to settle in. give a helping hand to your villagers!

Download Virtual Villagers for Mac

Order Virtual Villagers for Mac

December 29, 2008  

Patchworkz! X-maz! (Free online multiplayer)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for all game fans! Welcome to the world of Christmas beauty! Everything in this game is so pretty - idea, colors and addictive gameplay. Enjoy new free online multiplayer game for free!

Play online Patchworkz! X-maz!

December 29, 2008  

Finding Doggy (Windows)

Imagine your favorite doggy got lost?? Where should you look for it? Where would she go? Solving the match three puzzles will help you find it and bring back home. Don??t waste your time and start looking for it with a thrilling match three game Finding Doggy!

Download Finding Doggy for Windows

Order Finding Doggy for Windows

December 26, 2008  

Burger Island 2: The Missing Ingredient (Windows)

Edi Cole Iverson had a great and successful idea of organizing her burger business on a beach. And she realized it. But suddenly the island??s resident recipe guru has disappeared. And a very important ingredient was lost. Now it??s high time to have some burger fun and find the missing ingredient!

Download Burger Island 2: The Missing Ingredient for Windows

Order Burger Island 2: The Missing Ingredient for Windows

December 25, 2008  

Dress Up Rush (Mac)

Get prepared for the new adventures! Make wonders and add some magic to an awesome boutique so that to turn it into a gigantic success! Help Jane manage it, take care of the customers, provide them with coffee and the latest fashion magazines. Hurry up to get involved into a Dress Up Rush!

Download Dress Up Rush for Mac

Order Dress Up Rush for Mac

December 24, 2008  

Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe (Windows)

Build-a-lot 3 and get your passport to Europe! You can not only travel throughout the Europe, but also find the rundown places and houses and beatify them! Restore the damaged buildings or renew the old and you will change the world! Get your passport to fun!

Download Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe for Windows

Order Build-a-lot 3: Passport to Europe for Windows

December 23, 2008  

Righteous Kill (Mac)

Help Erica Dean to catch serial killer, who holds in awe all inhabitants of New York City. Feel like Al Pacino or Robert De Niro acting as NYPD Detective in this thrilling Hidden Object game based on the all known movie. You will visit various New York locations and enjoy usual mix of seek and find, addictive puzzles and detective-themed mini games! Are you ready? Camera! Action!

Download Righteous Kill for Mac

Order Righteous Kill for Mac

December 23, 2008  

Fitness Dash (Free online)

Sport is great! Join our new sport classes at Absolutist. Help Jo get the citizens of DinerTown back on track and lead them to a tug-of-war victory! Enjoy a free online game Fitness Dash for free at Absolutist.

Play online for free Fitness Dash

December 22, 2008  

House of Wonders: The Kitty Kat Wedding (Windows)

Have you ever been to a cat wedding? Then you are welcome! Organize the brightest event of the year ?? the Kitty Kat wedding. Find the hidden objects, solve puzzles of the House of Wonders and earn money for the occasion. Follow Larry as he will help you choose the wedding items. Create the most perfect one!

Download House of Wonders: The Kitty Kat Wedding for Windows

Order House of Wonders: The Kitty Kat Wedding for Windows

December 19, 2008  

Bubble Shooter Christmas Edition (Windows)

Meet Christmas with your favorite game! Bubble Shooter Christmas Edition was created specially for the fans of bubble shooter games! Enjoy the holiday while playing this arcade game and get as many bonuses as possible by removing the same bubbles! Only now you can order it only for 9.99$! Hurry up to shoot bubbles and get your portion of festive mood!

Download Bubble Shooter Christmas Edition for Windows

Order Bubble Shooter Christmas Edition for Windows

December 19, 2008  

Between the Worlds (Windows)

The whole American city has been suffering from the crime wave. You are the only hope to show your detective skills and solve this crime. But for this you should travel between the worlds and seek for the hidden clues in different locations. Explore the crime scenes and uncover the mystery of the city!

Download Between the Worlds for Windows

Order Between the Worlds for Windows

December 18, 2008  

Book of Legends (Mac)

Visit plenty of famous places moving through America, Europe and Asia to help enthusiastic Charlie and cynical Zoe to unscramble secrets of ancient Book of Legends. In this unforgettable mixture of Quest and Hidden Object you would plunge into thrilling adventure that will lead you right to the greatest mystery that, to this day, remains undivulged ?? Excalibur!

Download Book of Legends for Mac

Order Book of Legends for Mac

December 17, 2008  

Farm Craft (Windows)

Get involved into the fight agricultural fight between good and evil. Help Ginger save her land from being captured by AgroCorporation, which is eager to develop the land outside town. This rural land??s fortune is in your hands! Hurry up to save it!

Download Farm Craft for Windows

Order Farm Craft for Windows

December 16, 2008  

Holiday Bonus (Mac)

The holiday??s are knocking at the door and you can meet them with a Holiday Bonus! It??d a really winter puzzle game, which can fill you with amazing mood! Just match the same pictures and get a lot of bonuses! Try to do your best and you will be even rewarded with themes for your desktop!

Download Holiday Bonus for Mac

Order Holiday Bonus for Mac

December 15, 2008  

Gourmania (Windows)

Welcome to the brilliant resort! Here you can join the rest with your favorite work. Prepare different meals including sushi and pizza and make your way towards winning a cook off among the top chefs! Begin your journey at a seek-and-find fast food joint and fecome the best among the cooking league!

Download Gourmania for Windows

Order Gourmania for Windows

December 12, 2008  

Book of Legends (Windows)

A forgotten Book of Legends has been discovered! Its power is enormous as it can tell you the truth about world??s most mysterious legend ?? Excalibur. It can be in yours. But don??t let the book to get into the wrong hands. As its power can become devastating!

Download Book of Legends for Windows

Order Book of Legends for Windows

December 10, 2008  

Fitness Dash (Windows and Mac versions)

After opening the new restaurant in Diner Town, its citizens begin to put on weight. Besides before the annual tug-of-war competition. Jo decided to help them get into shape and opened a gym. But she needs your help in managing it. Lead the citizens to a tug-of-war victory!

Download Fitness Dash for Windows

Download Fitness Dash for Mac

December 9, 2008  

Virtual Villagers 2 (Mac)

Help poor children forced to act as adults to survive at this Pacific island. Lead your tribe to teach them to get fish, plant crops, gather food, build and repair their structures and do laundry. Find the appropriate skills for each single villager to reach cooperation and concord in the tribe. Solve 16 new puzzles in this addictive sequel of Virtual Villagers adventures!

Download Virtual Villagers 2 for Mac

Order Virtual Villagers 2 for Mac

December 8, 2008  

Farm Mania (Windows)

In Farm frenzy you have all you need for making your life busy and energetic. Take a rest from a noisy city and spend some time in the calm country. Plant vegetables, raise animals.. you have a lot of possibilities here. Do your best and you will get the new equipment and numerous bonuses. Hurry up to join the Farm Mania!

Download Farm Mania for Windows

Order Farm Mania for Windows

December 5, 2008  

Alabama Smith in Escape from Pompeii (Windows)

Join a young archeology student Alabama and help him in his dangerous mission to Pompeii. Your task will be to find the Amulet of the Ages, travel in time and save Alabama. Solve elaborate puzzles and prepare for shocking twists and turns in this story of double-crosses and intrigue.

Download Alabama Smith in Escape from Pompeii for Windows

Order Alabama Smith in Escape from Pompeii for Mac

December 4, 2008  

Jewel Quest Mysteries (Mac)

Join Rupert and Emma in the unforgettable journey to the ancient Egypt! Look for the unique jewels and treasures in the exclusive mix of the hidden objects and match three genres. Solve puzzles of wit and logic and uncover the mystery of the land of intrigue!

Download Jewel Quest Mysteries for Mac

Order Jewel Quest Mysteries for Mac

December 3, 2008  

Word Web Deluxe (Windows)

Try your skills in word spelling and do your best as you will compete with the super-intelligent spiders. But watch out! They can wrap you up in a cocoon even more quickly than you can imagine. Defeat spiders in this word war and sweep their webs away!

Download Word Web Deluxe for Windows

Order Word Web Deluxe for Windows

December 2, 2008  

My Tribe (Mac)

Welcome to the lost island where you can build your own tribe empire! In My Tribe you guide all the island inhabitants telling them what to do (design their own clothes, plant trees and flowers, construct massive wonders and more) and occasionally sprinkling them with a beneficial potion. Use all your strategy skills to create the most prosperous tribe on Earth!

Download My Tribe for Mac

Order My Tribe for Mac

December 1, 2008  

Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox (Windows)

Mortimer Beckett starts his new challenge! He got rid of the ghosts in his previous one and now he tries to find the Time Bomb and travel in time. It is real to open the time portal now!

Download Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox for Windows

Order Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox for Windows

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