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October 2008


October 31, 2008  

4 Elements (Free online)

Save the magic kingdom and play an addicting mix of match three and hidden object games. The magic of the four elements that kept it running for centuries has been corrupted. It is up to you to unlock the 4 ancient books of magic and collect 16 mysterious cards that will help you restore the kingdom to life.

Play for free 4 Elements

Download 4 Elements full version

October 31, 2008  

Spooky Spirits (Windows)

It??s awful! Spookies have lost more than half a million of their ghosts! These spirits should be immediately caught and returned! But Becky and Tim, the spookies, will not cope without you. Don??t waste your time and rush to help them!

Download Spooky Spirits for Windows

Order Spooky Spirits for Windows

October 30, 2008  

Gem Shop (Mac)

Open a gem shop and make money on selling gems and jewelry! Be attentive to your customers and don??t keep them waiting too long. The more money you earn, the better you can upgrade your shop!

Download Gem Shop for Mac

Order Gem Shop for Mac

October 29, 2008  

Parking Dash (Windows)

Flo??s restaurant business is getting more and more successful with every new day. Together with this she gets more and more clients, who come to her place by cars. And an opportunity for starting new business appeared. Help Flo??s friend Karma start and manage the parking business! Join her right now!

Download Parking Dash for Windows

Order Parking Dash for Windows

October 28, 2008  

Sally??s Salon (Mac)

Sally is ready to open her first beauty salon! Make sure your customers are happy with the way they look when they leave the store. Wash, dye, cut, style and more in 50 levels of frantic, but fashionable fun! Spend your earnings to upgrade little shop and make your way up until you own a chain of ritzy salons. Keep your clients looking and feeling their best!

Download Sally??s Salon for Mac

Order Sally??s Salon for Mac

October 27, 2008  

Dr. Lynch: Grave Secrets (Windows)

Join Dr. Lynch in his extraordinary investigation. He decided to fulfill a difficult task: explore the paranormal phenomena and find out whether the spirits really exist! Search for hidden items, which will lead you towards discovering the clues. The time to know the truth has come!

Download Dr. Lynch: Grave Secrets for Windows

Order Dr. Lynch: Grave Secrets for Windows

October 24, 2008  

Jewel Quest Mysteries (Windows)

Start your hidden object adventure through Egypt and feel the mystical atmosphere of the ancient land! Look for the treasures and jewels, hidden in different locations all over Egypt. It??s time to start discovering treasures with Jewel Quest Mysteries!

Download Jewel Quest Mysteries for Windows

Order Jewel Quest Mysteries for Windows

October 23, 2008  

Magic Match Adventures (Mac)

Travel to the wonderful Imp land with not an easy task to restore this magic land. Return piece and tranquility to the Impish citizens by using the special powers and magic spells. And you will become a witness of the great land recovery. Match your way through these magic adventures!

Download Magic Match Adventures for Mac

Order Magic Match Adventures for Mac

October 22, 2008  

Jungle Quest (Windows)

An outstanding archaeologist Cathie Jones needs your help! A deadly virus is spreading and the only way to stop it is to find a Fountain of Youth. Join Cathie and draw into a forgotten jungle, where the Fountain is supposed to be located. There are more then 60 levels of fun and challenge! Start your Jungle Quest right now!

Download Jungle Quest for Windows

Order Jungle Quest for Windows

October 21, 2008  

Scrapbook Paige (Mac)

It??s high time to do some creative work with the new hidden object game! Search for the hidden items with the magnifying glass and use them for your scrapbook. When it is ready, your work will be exhibited in the gallery. Get creative with Scrapbook Paige!

Download Scrapbook Paige for Mac

Order Scrapbook Paige for Mac

October 20, 2008  

Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena (Windows)

A location of the greatest archeological finds has been discovered. But together with this, the treasure hunters appeared. And you should hurry up so that to be the first to uncover the Hidden Roses of Athena! Archeologist Samantha Swift will be your advisor! Good luck!

Download Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena for Windows

Order Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena for Windows

October 17, 2008  

Peggle Nights (Windows)

Welcome to the Peggle Institute, the first night dream Institute, which will teach you to walk in the shadows, help the innocent and live every moment for danger! Master shooting and clearing the pegs throughout 60 levels and then proceed to the Duel challenge and Quick mode. Catch your Extreme Fever in today??s night dream!

Download Peggle Nights for Windows

Order Peggle Nights for Windows

October 16, 2008  

Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile (Mac)

Assume the role of a talented detective and unmask a mysterious murderer aboard a ship, cruising the River the Nile. Find hidden objects, solve puzzles and collect clues so that to get answer on your question. Embark on a Seek and Find Adventure and don??t let the murderer continue committing the crimes.

Download Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile for Mac

Order Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile for Mac

October 15, 2008  

Scrapbook Paige (Windows)

It??s not difficult to compile a scrapbook. Especially with your sense of creativity. Just look for the hidden objects in many different themed drawers such as holiday, vintage, baby and more! And then your ready scrapbook will be exhibited in the gallery!

Download Scrapbook Paige for Windows

Order Scrapbook Paige for Windows

October 13, 2008  

Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends (Windows)

Fall, 1899. The French town Lyon is full of panic and confusion. Some ruthless killer has been committing a series of crimes. Nobody knows what is happening around. Only you can return the calmness to the town and trail a killer. Solve puzzles and find the hidden objects, which will lead you towards unleashing the truth. Don??t be afraid, you will cope with the task! Lyon needs you!

Download Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends for Windows

Order Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends for Windows

October 13, 2008  

Mosaic: Tomb of Mystery (Mac)

Uncover the truth behind the mysterious death of King Tut. Learn how Tut's father turned Egypt away from the gods and climb your way up through Egyptian society. A story is revealed just after you complete the Glyph on the screen with the smaller shapes. A variety of power-ups will help you survive. Discover your thirst for adventure and try this captivating game today!

Download Mosaic: Tomb of Mystery for Mac

Order Mosaic: Tomb of Mystery for Mac

October 10, 2008  

Magic Encyclopedia (Windows)

With Magic Encyclopedia you will travel to the charming world of wonder and magic! But your task is not an easy one. You should explore the locations and find the hidden objects so that to get a key for further discovering of the encyclopedia pieces. So, start your quest for the Magic Encyclopedia!

Download Magic Encyclopedia for Windows

Order Magic Encyclopedia for Windows

October 9, 2008  

Jane??s Hotel (Mac)

Jane??s family is suffering from the business degradation. They even had to sell their hotels because of the economic crisis. But now Jane, a family hero, decided to earn money and return what belongs to them. Help Jane cope with her difficult rescue task!

Download Jane??s Hotel for Mac

Order Jane??s Hotel for Mac

October 8, 2008  

Enjoy great games discounts! Only in October!

Today Absolutist Team offers you a month of great discounts. Every day you can find a number of games available with discounts. You can save up to 40%. Visit us every day, choose your game and enjoy it 24/7 and all the year round. Check the games right now!

Get games with 40% discounts

October 8, 2008  

10 Days Under the Sea (Windows)

An awful thing has happened! Little Carrie was charmed and turned into a sea ghost! And she has only 10 days so that to remove the spell. Explore the underwater locations and find the hidden objects, which will help Carrie get her body back. During the investigation you will be able to take pictures of your favorite fish and enjoy them at home. But hurry up! The time is passing by and you have only 10 days!

Download 10 Days Under the Sea for Windows

Order 10 Days Under the Sea for Windows

October 7, 2008  

Tropico Jong (Mac)

Can??t turn your eyes from the charming butterflies when passing by? Tropico Jong is specially for you. Start the butterfly expedition through Tropico island and find out these spectacular creatures! Solve the mahjong puzzles and discover the new butterflies while walking at the sandy beach. So combine business with pleasure!

Download Tropico Jong for Mac

Order Tropico Jong for Mac

October 6, 2008  

Hidden Expedition: Amazon (Windows)

It??s time to start the important hidden expedition all over Amazon! First of all find the tattered map , which tells about the location of the legendary Beetle temple. Explore the ruins, ancient cities and temples and unlock the secret of Amazon lost civilization!

Download Hidden Expedition: Amazon for Windows

Order Hidden Expedition: Amazon for Windows

October 3, 2008  

Cake Mania 3 (Windows)

The adventurer and baker Jill is back again! This time she has crashed the time bender to the ground and shattered it into pieces! And all this before her wedding day! Now all the guests together with Jill are traveling in time. The only thing that can help them get back to the present time and don??t be late to the wedding is baking. So help Jill work her cake-making magic!

Download Cake Mania 3 for Windows

Order Cake Mania 3 for Windows

October 2, 2008  

Paradise Pet Salon (Mac)

Make your contribution into the developing of the world of beauty and perfection and open the salon! But it will be not an ordinary one. It will be the exclusive salon for pets. Take care of hundreds of pets, earn money and upgrade your Paradise Pet Salon. Don??t hesitate with grabbing the success into your hands!

Download Paradise Pet Salon for Mac

Order Paradise Pet Salon for Mac

October 1, 2008  

Glyph 2 (Windows)

Far, far away there is a distant world called Kuros. It was originated from the five elements, which have both light and dark side. Kuros used to live a calm life before the shadow elements began gripping its amazing world. And now Kuros needs an exile, who will stop the demolition. And the exile is you??

Download Glyph 2 for Windows

Order Glyph 2 for Windows

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