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September 2008


September 30, 2008  

Cooking Dash (Windows and Mac)

Flo has already mastered the ABC of cooking and she is preparing to become an Honored Master Chef. And she is making an interesting step towards realization of her goal. She is going to show her skills on a popular reality cooking TV show. Now as never before she needs your support and belief in her. Become a Hollywood cooking star together with Flo.

Download Cooking Dash for Windows

Download Cooking Dash for Mac

September 29, 2008  

Restaurant Rush (Windows)

Restaurant Rush is the unique opportunity to train your skills in preparing the delicious food according to 50 best international recipes! Visit the Farmer??s market for buying the ingredients, prepare food and treat customers with unforgettable dishes! Moreover, Restaurant Rush is the innovative mix of match-three and time management gameplay. Join the Restaurant Rush right now!

Download Restaurant Rush for Windows

Order Restaurant Rush for Windows

September 26, 2008  

Forgotten Riddles 2: Moonlight Sonatas (Windows)

Enjoy a new sequel of hidden objects hunt: Forgotten Riddles 2: Moonlight Sonatas. Your task will be to guess riddles before you are to find the item guessed. Travel back in time to the city of Godesberg has given you access to his journal filled with secrets and riddles. And find out can you solve the mystery behind the Moonlight Sonatas?

Download for free Forgotten Riddles 2: Moonlight Sonatas for Windows

Order Forgotten Riddles 2: Moonlight Sonatas for Windows

September 25, 2008  

Escape From Paradise (Mac)

Imagine that you are on board of the cruise ship SS Fantasy, enjoying your voyage. But suddenly it gets lost amongst the strange fog. And you find yourself awoke on a desert island. All you want is to get off the island. And you will! But before you should survive! Explore the island, pass the school of survival and only after this you will be able to Escape From Paradise!

Download Escape From Paradise for Mac

Order Escape From Paradise for Mac

September 24, 2008  

Jewel Match 2 (Windows)

Welcome to the amazing world of match-three games! Here you will be deepened into the atmosphere of the luxurious gems. Collect these jewels and build the majestic castles. As you progress, you will be able to unlock certain gems and get the unique powers! Jewel Match 2 is waiting for you!

Download Jewel Match 2 for Windows

Order Jewel Match 2 for Windows

September 23, 2008  

Pop-A-Tronic (Mac)

Get ready for a bubble popping challenge! Create huge combos by inhaling the rows of bubbles. Play Marathon Puzzle, Lock-Out or Self Destruct game modes and unlock the new opportunities. You will not be able to tear off this addicting game!

Download Pop-A-Tronic for Mac

Order Pop-A-Tronic for Mac

September 22, 2008  

Miriel the Magic Merchant (Windows)

Miriel was an ordinary girl, who lived an ordinary life, but had the eaxtraodinary goals in life. But suddenly she gets the message, which cardinally changes her life. Now she has a possibility to realize her dream and create the real store empire throughout the magical Kingdom! She is waiting for you to start!

Download Miriel the Magic Merchant for Windows

Order Miriel the Magic Merchant for Windows

September 19, 2008  

Amazing Adventures Around the World (Windows)

Find out the pieces of an ancient tablet, which were thrown around the world. And the door towards the discovering the most valuable gem will be opened. Get ready for starting your journey and traveling around the globe in a search of the ancient World Diamond!

Download Amazing Adventures Around the World for Windows

Order Amazing Adventures Around the World for Windows

September 18, 2008  

Nanny Mania (Mac)

The Mayor of Suburbia hired a nanny to help his wife with their newborn daughter. Beinga nanny, you should cook, clean up and take care of everything in the house to run the household and keep it from descending into chaos. Nanny Mania will challenge you to keep an eye on your duties and manage your time to become the perfect Nanny!

Download Nanny Mania for Mac

Order Nanny Mania for Mac

September 18, 2008  

Fashion Dash (Free online version)

It's time to try on a whole new DASH! Step into the fashionable shoes of Coco, a young woman with dreams of creating a new fashion empire, one custom fit at a time! Come try on a game that's guaranteed to fit!

Play online for free Fashion Dash

September 17, 2008  

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble (Windows)

Some strange events have been happening at the high school. And it??s up to you to investigate and solve the mystery. Gather a gang of girls and show your skills in taunting, flirting and fibbing, and it will lead you towards discovering your town??s destructive secret! Get better by being bad!

Download Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble for Windows

Order Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble for Windows

September 16, 2008  

Diner Dash: Seasonal Snack Pack (Mac)

Journey through the seasons with stops at five new restaurants: Coral Cove Café, Crypt Café, Hometown Harvest, Winter Wonderland, and Romantic Rendezvous! 50 new story mode levels are waiting for you in this dashing sequel. Watch Flo progress and have a great time helping her managing all new restaurants!

Download Diner Dash: Seasonal Snack Pack for Mac

Order Diner Dash: Seasonal Snack Pack for Mac

September 15, 2008  

Turbo Fiesta (Windows)

Rebecca and Robert decided to vary and make the cosmic cuisine more tasty. And thus they are going to remake their Mexican restaurant into an interspace one. But together with success they get the enemies, who want to destroy the out of this world restaurant. Don??t be indifferent and let the restaurant to be demolished!

Download Turbo Fiesta for Windows

Order Turbo Fiesta for Windows

September 12, 2008  

Tropix 2: Quest for the Golden Banana (Windows)

Are you ready to set out for a treasure searching adventure? Than let??s go! Explore the exotic islands and don??t let the pirates to be the first and get their claws on your treasure! As they are going to launch a war and seize what belongs to you! So watch out and win over your treasure!

Download Tropix 2: Quest for the Golden Banana for Windows

Order Tropix 2: Quest for the Golden Banana for Windows

September 11, 2008  

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble (Mac)

You??ll be thrilled to try the original blend of puzzle and board game elements and uniquely created mini-games that function as story elements as well. You are the leader of a gang of teenage girls who are trying to get better by being bad! Your girls must challenge the established order, root out corruption and save the town from terrible outrage!

Download Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble for Mac

Order Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble for Mac

September 10, 2008  

Beach Party Craze (Windows)

Want to spend your vacation in the most beautiful place somewhere near the seaside and under the sun yet without leaving home? Then Beach Party Craze is just what you need! Enjoy the relaxing natural sounds of the sea and seagulls, slake your thirst with the most tasty drinks, surf in the sea and even get the prettiest sun tan! It would be your best vacation for sure! Don??t hesitate to join the Beach Party Craze!

Download Beach Party Craze for Windows

Order Beach Party Craze for Windows

September 9, 2008  

G.H.O.S.T. Hunters (Mac)

Viola Majesty, the manor's matron, is in despair. You are her last chance to restore peace in her own house. Investigate different places of the house and find objects with residual psychic energies to identify possible suspects. You are given 15 days to investigate 19 unique locations of the Majesty Manor to solve the mystery.

Download G.H.O.S.T. Hunters for Mac

Order G.H.O.S.T. Hunters for Mac

September 8, 2008  

The Great Chocolate Chase (Windows)

Welcome to the tasty world of the sweets and confections! Help Evangeline Baumeister to create the confectioner??s and the small retail shops all over the world! Build the greatest sweet empire and even make money on it! Embark on a tasty chocolate chase with this addicting arcade-style game! Good luck!

Download The Great Chocolate Chase for Windows

Order The Great Chocolate Chase for Windows

September 8, 2008  

The Great Chocolate Chase (Free online version)

Explore the deliciously rich world of Chocolatier, now with an adventure game twist! Join Evangeline Baumeister and your favorite Chocolatier characters, making and serving chocolate treats to international customers in a series of exotic chocolate shops around the globe. With the help of Klaus Werner's creative inventions, you'll face new challenges at every turn to get new chocolates into the eager hands of hungry customers.

Play for free The Great Chocolate Chase

September 5, 2008  

Treasure Masters (Windows)

Interested in traveling and amazing adventures?! Than join Gordon Jones in in his incredible voyage around the world and find the artifact from the lost ship! Enjoy the breathtaking hidden object game with a number of funny mini-games! And get enrolled into the ranks of the treasure hunters!

Download Treasure Masters for Windows

Order Treasure Masters for Windows

September 4, 2008  

Home Sweet Home (Mac)

An original blend of puzzle-solving and real-time strategy game play based on an innovative concept - you're the interior designer! Armed with a set budget for each project, you'll have to drag and drop various items to create patrons' idea of a perfect room. Learn about your client's tastes, create fabulous interior designs, and then direct your build team to assemble it all!

Download Home Sweet Home for Mac

Order Home Sweet Home for Mac

September 3, 2008  

4 Elements (Windows)

This wonderful fairytale valley was once full of peace and prosperity. But than an evil spell destroyed the power of the magic books, which defended the land. You are the selected and it??s up to you to restore life to this now deserted land!

Download 4 Elements for Windows

Order 4 Elements for Windows

September 2, 2008  

The Great Chocolate Chase (Mac)

Evangeline Baumeister has decided to franchise out her chocolate business by allowing some retail locations to produce and sell their own chocolates using her world famous recipes. The chocolate creation process is made possible through a serious of ingenious steam-powered machines built by Evangeline's business partner Klaus. If you earn enough cash you can spend your money on upgrades for the shop. Face new challenges at every turn to get new chocolates into the eager hands of hungry customers!

Download The Great Chocolate Chase for Mac

Order The Great Chocolate Chase for Mac

September 1, 2008  

Farm Frenzy 2 (Windows)

Farm Frenzy 2 invites you for the new agrarian adventure! Breed animals, collect harvest and earn money on selling the goods from your farm! Develop and upgrade the farm and make it the most profitable one!

Download Farm Frenzy 2 for Windows

Order Farm Frenzy 2 for Windows

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