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August 2008


August 29, 2008  

Hawaiian Explorer: Lost Island (Windows)

Enjoy new sequel of the popular game Hawaiian Explorer. Now you are to make your way from Manhattan to the lost Hawaiian Islands by finding hidden items. You have limited time and only three hints to complete your mission and save explorer Charlie.

Download Hawaiian Explorer: Lost Island for Windows

Order Hawaiian Explorer: Lost Island for Windows

August 28, 2008  

Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos (Mac)

Start your mission as a secret operative X. A mysterious and dangerous criminal believed to have been in hiding over a decade has suddenly re-surfaced. The target of your mission is Dr. Vladimir Chaosky, aka Dr. Chaos. You??ôve got to bring this criminal to justice. Your expertise in tracking fugitives and analyzing crime scenes will help you to succeed. Can you stop the evil mastermind Dr. Chaos as he embarks on a global initiative of doom and destruction?

Download Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos for Mac

Order Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos for Mac

August 28, 2008  

Jane Realty (Windows)

And again Jane is about to start a new business. You can join her and let your dreams come true. Help her build a whole city, complete with electric power stations and water towers, houses for rent, stores, restaurants and even a City Hall! There's always work to do as each house also needs to be furnished appropriately to collect the maximum rental amount!

Download Jane Realty for Windows

Order Jane Realty for Windows

August 26, 2008  

Blood Ties (Mac)

Blood Ties is a hidden object game based on the Blood Ties TV show. The case you'll be investigating involves the disappearance of all 14 members of a secret society called the Hellfire Club. Step into Vicki and Henry's shoes investigating unique cases that involve zombies, ghosts and demons. You must search for clues hidden in various locations across the city. discover the dark secrets behind this mysterious cabal!

Download for Mac

Order for Mac

August 26, 2008  

Righteous Kill (Windows)

An addicting mix of detective game and hidden objects mania. Play a female detective in the newly-formed Vigilante Unit, a squad created to apprehend people who decide to take the law into their own hands. You'll search for clues by visiting various scenes and finding the items on your list before the timer runs out. If you're stuck, you can use a UV light to reveal an item's location.

Download Righteous Kill for Windows

Order Righteous Kill fow Windows

August 22, 2008  

Treasures of the Ancient Cavern (Windows)

It's time for dangerous adventures. Dive into a new match three game Treasures of the Ancient Cavern and enjoy this highly addicting mix of fantasy, adventure and ancient magic that challenges players to cross the equator and follow in the footsteps of the Incas to restore artifacts and learn the magic of this once great civilization! It is time to begin.

Download Treasures of the Ancient Cavern for Windows

Order Treasures of the Ancient Cavern for Windows

August 21, 2008  

The Race (Mac)

The Race is a combination of classic hidden object fun and reality TV craziness. You are to explore a variety of locations like Niagara Falls in Canada, the Grand Canyon in the USA, Stonehenge and Buckingham Palace in England, Easter Island in South America, the Great Wall of China and others. Experience different places and cultures with World Explorer Mode or try both extremes for hours of family fun!

Download The Race for Mac

Order The Race for Mac

August 20, 2008  

Go-Go Gourmet: Chef of the Year (Windows)

Enjoy the great sequel: Go-Go Gourmet: Chef of the Year. Play an addciting mix of hidden objects and arcade style game. Serve the clients by cooking the tastiest meals. Matched against seven of the world's best chefs, Ginger must prepare local specialties in seven countries in a bid for the coveted 1st Prize Cup!

Download for free Go-Go Gourmet: Chef of the Year

Order for free Go-Go Gourmet: Chef of the Year

August 19, 2008  

Fishdom (Free online)

Being a unique fusion of classic game play with brilliant new ideas, this game will bring you lots of joyful moments! Enjoy Fishdon now absolutely for free. Match 3 underwater items to get new features for your own aquarium. Fishdom - the great fun for the whole family.

Play Fishdom for free online

August 18, 2008  

Ancient Quest of Saqqarah (Mac)

Once every thousand years an eclipse covers the ancient pyramid of Saqqarah, beneath which evil god Seth lies imprisoned. It??ôs up to you to visit the secret oasis wherein he lies buried beneath the sands and reinforce the wards. Visit the secret temples of the seven generous divinities who cast him into exile, each of which contains a new, talking immortal for you to meet, and fresh play style to master. Master 7 different types of puzzles plus mini-games!

Download Ancient Quest of Saqqarah for Mac

Order Ancient Quest of Saqqarah for Mac

August 18, 2008  

The Race (Windows)

Are you a hidden objects master? Try your searching skills competing other teams and win this addicting and challeging Race. Travel all over the world, visit new cities and find all hidden items. Experience different places and cultures with our World Explorer Mode or try both extremes for hours of family fun!

Download the Race for Windows

Order the Race for Windows

August 15, 2008  

Word Monaco (Windows)

Enjoy an addicting word game Word Monaco. It's the right time to visit Mediterranean and play word and solitaire style games. Create words by moving letters from column to column and use power-ups for bonus points. Pass through 6 uniques locations and have a great time.

Download for free Word Monaco for Windows

Order Word Monaco for Windows

August 15, 2008  

Wild West Quest (Windows)

It's time to dive into dangerous adventures in the Wild West andfind all hidden evidences to save your Grandpa Willy. Travel back 120 year and feel the atmosphere of Wild West and enjoy addicting quest in hidden objects style.

Wild West Quest

August 14, 2008  

Yard Sale Junkie (Mac)

Shirley wants to open a boutique in Beverly Hills, so she holds yard sales to earn over $30,000 to open a store. It's hard to believe that 30 yard sales could rack up that much, but nevertheless it takes 30 levels of finding hidden objects to reach the final yard sale. You need to move junk around to find items that hide behind others. Help Shirley organize successful yard sales in Malibu, Venice Beach, Hollywood and Beverly Hills! Start the selling frenzy today!

Download Yard Sale Junkie for Mac

Order Yard Sale Junkie for Mac

August 12, 2008  

Cake Mania (Windows)

The first game of the addicting time game Cake Mania and a pretty young girl who bakes the tastiest cakes on Earth. Wanna taste some? You are welcome to help her to cook and use new unique ways of cooking. Try Cake Mania game for free.

Download Cake Mania for free

August 12, 2008  

Mystery of Shark Island (Mac)

You will wake up on the deserted island one-to-one with the desire to survive. But rambling along the beach and collecting sea-shells, you will be able to discover the clue! The clue which will help you to unlock the mystery of the Shark Island??ôs lost civilization!

Download Mystery of Shark Island Deluxe for Mac

Order Mystery of Shark Island for Mac

August 11, 2008  

Ancient Quest of Saqqarah (Windows)

Welcome to the magical underground oasis. Meet the great challenge in Ancient Quest of Saqqarah. It's up to you to fulfill an ancient Egyptian prophecy and stop evil god Seth from breaking out of his arcane tomb prison. In order to succeed the chosen one will have to master 7 different types of puzzles plus mini-games.

Download for free Ancient Quest of Saqqarah for Windows

August 8, 2008  

Little Shop - Road Trip (Windows)

An amazing sequel of Little Shop series. Travel from Seattle to South Beach and find a lot of exclusive titles for your little shop. New game mode is added. Featuring thousands of cleverly hidden objects, over 100 levels of original gameplay, and miles and miles of family fun.

Download Little Shop - Road Trip for Windows for free

August 7, 2008  

Burger Island (Windows)

Patty is going to turn around her small unremarkable burger stand! And she needs your help! Earn over 30 recipes, unlock more that 40 ingredients and fill the orders of demanding customers! Turn Patty??ôs stand into the most visited and preferred one!

Download Burger Island for Windows

Order Burger Island for Windows

August 7, 2008  

Diner Dash: Flo on the Go (Mac)

Flo and Darla are offered the job to feed passengers in return for reimbursing their trip and a little extra cash on top. Help girls run a restaurant by seating customers, giving out menus, taking orders, serving food in a timely manner and then busing the tables to make room for new customers. There are different types of customers, each with his own specific habits and needs. Satisfy nine types of customers and help Flo improve five all-new restaurants in the third episode of the original smash hit!

Download for Mac

Order for Mac

August 6, 2008  

Discovery! A Seek and Find Adventure (Windows)

Want to travel the world?! Than come and play Discovery! A Seek and Find Adventure! Visit the hot spots of the Earth among which are Spain, China, Australia and many other! Investigate the places, find the hidden objects and get a chance to break the Jackpot!

Download Discovery! A Seek and Find Adventure for Windows

Order Discovery! A Seek and Find Adventure for Windows

August 4, 2008  

Travelogue 360: Rome (Mac)

In the world of hidden-object games, the Travelogue 360 series stands out by nature of its more immersive, 360-degree interface featuring a patent-pending mechanic that employs photos of historical locales to create a more authentic environment. Travelogue 360: Rome allows you to view each Rome location in its entirety - up, down, left and right. Plus, you can even zoom in for a closer look. The mystery leads you from one historic landmark to another, you are to collect clues en route via letters, postcards, newspaper clippings and photos.

Download for Mac

Order for Mac

August 4, 2008  

Cake Mania 2 (Windows)

Jill is back and ready for the new baking challenges! She gives you the opportunity to prepare the yummy and delicious bakery! But now you also become the Master of Jill??ôs fortune and choose the game??ôs storyline! Now you choose the way the story should unfold!

Download Cake Mania 2 for Windows

Order Cake Mania 2 for Windows

August 4, 2008  

Yummy Drink Factory (Windows)

Welcome to the Yummy Drink Factory! You will get to the fairytale island, where you can open a drink stand! Prepare over 36 recipes of the chocolate drinks and serve them to the island??ôs citizens! Master all the recipes given and create your own!

Download Yummy Drink Factory for Windows

Order Yummy Drink Factory for Windows

August 1, 2008  

The Mystery of the Crystal Portal (Windows)

Nicole Rankwist, an outstanding archeologist, had made a discovery that could ???change the course of humanity???. But since that he had disappeared and nobody had seen him. And now his daughter Nicole needs your help so that to travel around the globe and rescue him!

Download The Mystery of the Crystal Portal for Windows

Order The Mystery of the Crystal Portal for Windows

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