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July 2008


July 31, 2008  

Fashion Dash (Mac)

A young and talented woman Coco with dreams of becoming a fashion designer stumbles into a career and with the support and guidance from Flo she begins to make a name for herself by outfitting customers, making money and working her way up from one location to another. Fashion Dash will challenge you with a steady stream of customers willing to pay big money for perfectly tailored clothes. Come try on a game that really fits!

Download Fashion Dash for Mac

Order Fashion Dash for Mac

July 30, 2008  

Fashion Dash (Windows)

The world of perfectiveness, refinement and glamour! It always attracts! Now you can build your own one and establish the dress-code for all the people! Share Flo??™s dream of creating a new fashion empire and set a rhythm to the today??™s fashion!

Download Fashion Dash for Windows

Order Fashion Dash for Windows

July 28, 2008  

Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan

Save the sweethearts from wedding fuss and organize the best day of their life! Explore bride??™s Manhattan apartment, solve fun puzzles, play exciting mini-games and present a fairy-tale to the bride and groom!

Download Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan for Windowsn

Order Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan for Windows

July 28, 2008  

Fitness Frenzy (Mac)

Vicky starts exercising and gets herself in shape, then decides to share her newfound feel-good lifestyle with others by opening a series of gyms. Help Vicky and take on the role of personal trainer, meaning that whenever a customer shows up at the gym it's your job to plan an exercise routine based on their fitness goals. Move customers through the gym efficiently, because if they have to wait too long they might get fed up and leave.

Download Fitness Frenzy for Mac

Order Fitness Frenzy for Mac

July 25, 2008  

Virtual Farm (Windows)

Virtual Farm will turn your imagination about farming over! And you can turn the small unnoticeable farm into the most productive lot of land! And thus even become the best farmer! Don??™t waste your time and take this farm in your hands!

Download Virtual Farm for Windows

Order Virtual Farm for Windows

July 24, 2008  

Dicez! (Online multiplayer game)

Welcome to the dices world. Try your luck in this highly addicting online multiplayer game and you will have a chance to win and compete other players from all over the world. The rules are easy to get and the game is as addicting as all gambling games.

Play online Dicez for free

July 24, 2008  

Jewel Quest III (Mac)

Rupert and his wife Emma are looking forward to seeing their dream come true and opening a museum of various artifacts Rupert has collected over the years. But their young daughter Natalie suffers a horrible accident ??“ while playing with Rupert's jewel board she opens a secret compartment that releases dangerous spores into the air that turn her blind. Search for a cure and save Natalie from blindness in this challenging match 3 game!

Download Jewel Quest III for Mac

Order Jewel Quest III for Mac

July 24, 2008  

Alice??™s Magical Mahjong (Windows)

Dreaming of getting to the Wonderland?! Go along with Alice and travel the mysterious fairy land, where you can meet and get acquainted with the white rabbit, the mad hatter and other citizens of Wonderland. You won??™t be bored while playing the fascinating mix of mahjong and hidden object gameplay!

Download Alice??™s Magical Mahjong for Windows

Order Alice??™s Magical Mahjong for Windows

July 21, 2008  

Women??™s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet (Mac)

This game is a combination hidden object puzzler and detective adventure. It is based on the popular Women's Murder Club James Patterson novels and the spin-off television series of the same name but the game mystery is completely original. You?? task is to investigate the murder, uncovering new victims and suspects. In this thrilling page-turner, take on the roles of a homicide detective, a medical examiner and an ace crime reporter to solve a series of ghastly murders in San Francisco.

Download Women??™s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet for Mac

Order Women??™s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet for Mac

July 21, 2008  

Fitness Frenzy (Windows)

Help Vicki open and manage her first Fitness Club! Meet different clients, listen to their desires and choose the best program of training for each client personally! Help people reach their goals and make their dreams come true! Let??™s get fit!

Download Fitness Frenzy for Windows

Order Fitness Frenzy for Windows

July 18, 2008  

Jewel Quest III (Windows)

Ruper and Emma??™s life seemed to be happy and came to normal??¦ And they even decided to open the museum with their own collection of artifacts??¦ But suddenly the misfortune visited their house and made their daughter Natalie blind. Now it??™s up to you to return peace to the family and find the fabled Golden Jewel Board for the museum collection!

Download Jewel Quest III for Windows

Order Jewel Quest III for Windows

July 17, 2008  

Wedding Dash 2 (Online)

Quinn is back on a new whirlwind adventure, joined by Flo and Joe Wright, wedding photographer. Help Quinn become the world's top wedding planner in this hilarious sequel to the hit game Wedding Dash! Do you have what it takes to help Quinn win the honor of planning the most exclusive wedding of the year?

Play Wedding Dash 2 for free online

July 17, 2008  

Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue (Mac)

In Diner Dash 2, you're improving the business of your friends. You'll serve food in every locale from a Mexican cantina to an Italian pizzeria. As customers enter your restaurant you'll need to take orders, serve food, fetch high chairs and bus tables, all fast enough to keep the customers happy. Return to Flo's world of slinging grits and earning tips in this smash sequel!

Download Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue for Mac

Order Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue for Mac

July 17, 2008  

Ranch Rush (Windows)

Prepare for the thrilling work on a fruitful farm! Get involved into the great Ranch Rush: growing and gathering harvest, collecting honey and milk??¦ While saving the farm from bankruptcy!

Download Ranch Rush for Windows

Order Ranch Rush for Windows

July 14, 2008  

Mah Jong Quest (Mac )

The background for Mah Jong Quest is a journey around China in the sandals of young Kwazi. You'll travel from province to province as a child hero, solving puzzles and restoring the razed remains of the landscape with the power of the Tao. On your way you'll be guided by all the animals of the Chinese zodiac along your Mah Jong Quest with rhymes and riddles. Enjoy this charming, mesmerizing, and surprisingly intellectual game!

Download Mah Jong Quest for Mac

Order Mah Jong Quest for Mac

July 14, 2008  

The Pini Society: The Remarkable (Windows)

During hundreds of years The Pini Society has been preserving the secret of the world??™s most significant archeological finds! But now it??™s time to join the secret society and reveal the truth about the treasure! Welcome to The Pini Society!

Download The Pini Society: The Remarkable Truth for Windows

Order The Pini Society: The Remarkable Truth for Windows

July 11, 2008  

Hell??™s Kitchen (Windows)

Deep into the fire and manage your restaurant like in the Underworld! Prepare meals and serve the clients immediately, and maybe it is you, who will become the 5-star chef at the Hell??™s Kitchen!

Download Hell??™s Kitchen for Windows

Order Hell??™s Kitchen for Windows

July 10, 2008  

Suspects and Clues (Mac)

Suspects and Clues is a spot-the-difference hidden object game where you play detective getting a mystery work out. You set out to hunt down the perpetrators and save priceless artifacts like the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Mona Lisa, a Gandhara Buddha, an Angoulme Tiara, and an Odysseus Stamnos vase. How to catch the crooks? Play to find out it!

Download Suspects and Clues for Mac

Order Suspects and Clues for Mac

July 9, 2008  

Tropicabana (Windows)

Don??™t you feel like becoming a star?! Than start playing the match three game Tropicabana, earn money after each level, buy all the necessary equipment and entertain the audience with your talent! In between, you can visit the casino and try to enlarge your income!

Download Tropicabana for Windows

Order Tropicabana for Windows

July 7, 2008  

Jewel Quest 2 (Mac)

Jewel Quest 2 is compelling, challenging and beautiful match 3 game. It's a story of adventure, love and betrayal! Make over precious relics to turn tiles into gold as you advance through relentlessly challenging puzzles. Play through 180 impressive levels in this thrilling matching adventure across the world's richest continent!

Download Jewel Quest 2 for Mac

Order Jewel Quest 2 for Mac

July 7, 2008  

Hide & Secret 2: Cliffhanger Castle (Windows)

Travel to distant lands and spaces and look for the museum exhibits. Find all the displays and convert the ancient castle into the first museum of priceless treasures, while revealing the truth about king Arthur!

Download Hide & Secret 2: Cliffhanger Castle for Windows

Order Hide & Secret 2: Cliffhanger Castle for Windows

July 4, 2008  

Happy Independence Day!

Enjoy the greatest holiday of the USA! Congratulations on Independence day! Get your gift BlockBuster Independence Day! Just for $5 Download the game and click on the button Register. Please enter your code "independence" in the Coupon Code field while purchasing the game and click on Recalculate.

Get your game BlockBuster Independence Day for $5 now!

July 4, 2008  

First Class Flurry (Windows)

First Class Flurry is not only an addicting time management game, but it is also an unbelievable opportunity to become the top flight attendant! While getting experience as an attendant, you can return the former glory to the once bankrupted Starlink Airlines company! Don??™t hesitate to become the part of the First Class Flury!

Download First Class Flurry for Windows

Order First Class Flurry for Windows

July 3, 2008  

Wedding Dash 2: Rings around the World

Mr. Bigger asks Quinn to be a contestant on his wedding reality TV show where the winner gets the privilege of planning his daughter Adriana's wedding. As the competition heats up and some shady things start happening, Quinn will need all the support she can get! Do your best to help her manage new guests, fulfill bride and groom requests, and tackle comedic disasters!

Download Wedding Dash 2: Rings around the World for Mac

Order Wedding Dash 2: Rings around the Worldfor Mac

July 3, 2008  

Build in Time (Windows)

Develop your talent in building! Erect the new buildings, create homes, recreation zones, business centers and become the creator of the new, your own history! Build the world you would like to live in!

Download Build in Time for Windows

Order Build in Time for Windows

July 1, 2008  

Wedding Dash 2 (Windows)

It is so easy to make other people feel happy and satisfied! Embark on the vortex of wedding events, manage the solemnization of the marriages, organize the wedding parties and acquire the title of the best wedding planner!

Download Wedding Dash 2 for Windows

Order Wedding Dash 2 for Windows

July 1, 2008  

Build in Time (Mac)

The goal of Build in Time is to keep your customers happy. The quicker you complete a home, the happier they??™ll be ??“ and the greater your revenue. To maintain a positive clientele, you need to keep all your crews busy. While one is building a house the other can be painting one that??™s already completed or adding landscape elements. Fill each client??™s order by building the home of his or her dreams!

Download Build in Timefor Mac

Order Build in Time for Mac

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