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Venice DeluxeVenice Deluxe- Challenging Arcade in Romantic Place

Venice Deluxe is a PopCap Games's latest release. Developed by Retro64, the game is an arcade-based puzzle game that will take you to Venice. You are to shoot at different silhouettes in the rotating parts of buildings' walls.

The game offers you tons of power-ups, four modes and about 70 buildings to deal with.

You are to shoot at the silhouettes on the rotating parts of the building to make your way up the building and get to the next level.

Venice DeluxeStarting the game you find yourself in Venice Deluxe on a golden gondola.

There is no special story; and your task in every level is to make your way up the buildings.

Your boat is at the bottom of your screen floating on the water near a building.

There are parts of the building that have empty spots. That's where you need to shoot.

As you fill all the silhouettes the parts disappear and you move on further up the building to the next challenges.

The difficulty of the challenges grows as you advance through levels.

Venice DeluxeThe challenges may seem rather easy as you start but, believe me, they grow more difficult as you advance through the levels.

For example, some of the rotating parts are surrounded by other parts that do not let you shoot directly at the silhouettes.

But these blocks can ricochet the items in the silhouettes. So use your quick eye to do it right.

Try to shoot the higher silhouettes to have the other ones filled automatically. Use all the power-ups quick and wisely to get through the levels quicker.

Venice DeluxeThe most important trick for your success is to shoot at the upper rotating parts.

The thing is that if you fill the silhouette and there are the same silhouettes beneath it, they are automatically filled with the item.

Among the items there are hearts, stars, vases, coins.

You can also get different power-ups like lightning or wings, for example.

Using wings you can fly to the objects and shoot at them with no obstacles on your way.

Be careful not to lose you lives and try to do your best in bonus rounds.

Venice DeluxeEvery few levels you play a bonus round where you can get extra points if you win.

The task is easy - to fill all the silhouettes. But the trick is that you have only one shot.

So it takes a strategy to win there.

Within the average game be careful not to lose the treasure you shoot with as you have only three lives.

The game features four game modes: Journey, Flood, Trick Shots, Survival.

Venice DeluxeVenice Deluxe can be played in four modes, which are Journey, Flood, Trick Shots, Survival.

The Flood Mode differs from the Journey Mode in that the water goes up in this mode as you play so it's good to hurry up to fill all the silhouettes before the rotating part sinks.

The Trick Shots Mode isn't available till you are done with the Journey Mode, and the Survival Mode is available only after the Flood Mode is done.

Venice Deluxe is a definitely good game but isn't the one to suck you in for hours and hours. Though it gets really challenging at some points and is worth downloading, for sure.

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