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Chuzzle DeluxeThe Chuzzles Deluxe - a Drag'n'Drop Puzzle


First of all let's look into a very weird title: Chuzzles. Chuzzles are these multicolored fluffy creatures with the lovely look in their eyes that you have to drag all around the playing field. They seem quite funny and have their own attitude to what is going on in the game while you are playing.


All the time chuzzles follow your each mouse move with their eyes, giggle when you remove them from the playing field; they can even sneeze and get bald as you click a chuzzle several times in a row.  


Chuzzles playfieldLet's mention straight away that while playing you'll have to deal with fluffies of different size and color. So what you're going to see is real monster-fluffies, huge and shaggy, which will desperately blow up and break into pieces (if you manage to match them, of course...).


Some of them might even wear enormous sun glasses to conceal their color.


The point of Chuzzle Deluxe is extremely easy:


... a player is to place three chuzzles of the same color together in order to remove them from the playing field. As it happens, a flock of chuzzles explodes and vanishes in a magic retort...


Match Created!The game can be played with the time limitation. As you proceed from one level to another, your task is getting more complicated as it becomes more difficult to find a combination of chuzzles to match.  Once in a while some chuzzles are "locked" - and, thus, you cannot move the rows containing the locked chuzzles.


However, if a player manages to match 4 chuzzles, makes a combo and so on, he receives a well-worth award at a trophy room.


Moreover, there are some more features about the game to please player's eyes. I mean the tricks the developers stuffed in the game play. For instance,


... as you click on a chuzzle very frequently, it gets nervous, sneezes and may get bald. Such chuzzles look like balls with eyes. But luckily, quite soon it gets covered with fluff again...


Sneezing Chuzzle!Chuzzles can be played in four modes that offer you the following features:


Classic Chuzzle: this is an untimed game mode with many levels to complete.


Speed Chuzzle: multilevel mode. The point is to "race the clock or face the lock". You are to create a match of chuzzles in a limited time, otherwise, one chuzzle on the play field will be locked. 


Zen Chuzzle: an endless chuzzle-dragging fun. Recommended as a stress reliever : ).


Mind Bender: a chuzzlic puzzle :). A player is to arrange chuzzles in a pattern shown on the right-hand side of the playing field.


Zen ChuzzleAfter playing the same game for several hours, and having completed number of levels, one might get bored of dragging the chuzzles back and forth.  In such a case I advice you to switch to Mind Bender game mode in an effort to diversify the fun as this game mode is a completely different puzzle type.


The point in Mind Bender is to place chuzzles on the playing field so that their position be identical to that of shown on the picture.


What is more important, Chuzzle Deluxe looks like a puzzle that becomes classical - the unique combination of  bright eye-catching graphics and funny sound is what makes this game most frequently played by people at different age.   




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