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December 21, 2004  

Smartphone users are invited!

Dear happy users of the smartphones by i-Mate, Motorola, Orange, Qtek, SPV, HTC and others! Now all our most popular arcade and puzzle games are released for your devices. Such games like Bubble Shooter , Rotate Mania, Jet Ducks, Checkers Challenge and many more are available for download.

More platforms, more entertainment, more excitement!

Check out the newly ported games here


November 30, 2004   New 3D adventure game released!!!

Join Flying Doughman in his dangerous adventures in the Magic Tower!

Old Magic Tower is waiting for you. Help the little hero to save his beloved from the Wicked Sorcerer.

Dozens of dungeon levels each of which is unique and one-of-a-kind, hundreds of traps, obstacles, pits, stairs, ladders, and secret rooms - all this is just a tiny part of the things that fill up the 3D space of the Magic Tower. A great number of different artifacts that should be collected on the way will help Doughman.

Come on, the great adventure awaits!

Download Flying Doughman

November 12, 2004 launched the new cute project!

The first part of it is Rats&Spears. It is completely free!
Though we welcome your donations.

Rats&Spears is an addictive sport action. The cartoon graphics is vivid, and it truly helps to deeply immerse you into the game.

The main heroes... They live not far from your house. Just over the fence from the last cottage on your street where there's a dump. Are you ready to reincarnate in one of them and master your throwing skills? Would you like to become an advertiser with us and our rats?

So, now practice javelin on the go: leave your Windows, Linux, or Mac at home and play on Palm, PocketPC, or Symbian.

Download Rats&Spears for Windows
Download Rats&Spears for Palm
Download Rats&Spears for PocketPC
Download Rats&Spears for Macintosh
Download Rats&Spears for Linux
Download Rats&Spears for Symbian

October 29, 2004   Welcome to Halloween Party! presents you new thrilling game BreadieQuest:Halloween III!!!

Guide your brave Breadie to the Halloween Party, that is full of sudden tricks and you must challenge yourself in the dangerous fight with all your fears.
New emotions, great sound and Halloween mood will enchant you.

Are you ready for trick-or-treating?

This is an exciting strategic game for fun and pleasure!

Lets have much fun playing new game from BreadieQuest : Halloween III.

Do not miss your chance to buy the game only for $13! Discount is valid untill 1st of November.

Download BreadieQuest:Halloween III

October 6,2004   Haven't heard yet about Illustrix? We bet the fans of brain-challenging games are already excited to try it. Absolutist presents beautiful Illustrix series:
  • Illustrix: Cat Dream
  • Illustrix: Dog Dream
  • Illustrix: Bird Dream
  • Illustrix: Animal Dream
  • ...More to come soon...

Whatever you do, it's always the right time to take a rest with our Illustrix Series. Enjoy playing the most popular computer classics while revealing one by one hundreds of gorgeous pictures with the cutest representatives of the nature.
Download Illustrix Dream Pack for Windows
Download Illustrix Dream Pack for PocketPC
Download Illustrix Dream Pack for Macintosh
Download Illustrix Dream Pack for Linux
Download Illustrix Dream Pack for Symbian

September 17,2004   Congratulations to all the existing and future members of Absolutist Fun Club! After just two months from the Club opening, our community now counts nearly 1000 members! One of these days we are going to celebrate our 1000th member! Don't miss your chance to get the 1000th Club Card now!
Become 1000th member

September 16,2004   The game Rats&Spears is the follow-up to the Olympic Games that have just been over. This trendy arcade will be devoted to javelin throwing and you'll be able to play and hold your records on Windows, Palm, PocketPC, Linux, Mac and Symbian. It will be a funny way to become the Olympic winner in javelin.
Rats&Spears coming soon

August 18,2004 presents Olympics Top 9!!! The games you love to play all your free time! Here are the best 9 games you can choose for Windows, Palm, PocketPC, Linux, Macintosh and Symbian!

Share our players' choice! Enjoy the best collection of your favorite games everywhere! Play with your family and friends! Find pleasure in your everyday life! Visit our Top 9!!! And become Absolute Winner!
Top 9 Olimpic games!

August 10,2004 has released updated version of Bubble Golden Pack! New emotions are waiting for you! New music that helps you to relax, super graphics and effects will never let you to be indifferent.

You can try yourself! Chase the bubbles! Make them play and please you. Explore every level and every game type, do not let any bubble hide from you! Three game types: Strategy, Expert, Sniper. Three levels: Novice, Expert, Master. Three games for the price of one!!! Just for $19.95
Download Bubble Golden Pack for Windows
Download Bubble Golden Pack for Palm
Download Bubble Golden Pack for PocketPC

August 4,2004 released a completely new game on 6 platforms at once. Jet Ducks is a mix of arcade and shooter games. The overall concept of the game strikes you at once - we have some...hunting ducks here!

In order to cope with Duck Air Force, you should do extensive training on 3 game levels and in 4 game modes while working out your own strategy for each duck character. So, now do that on the go: leave your Windows, Linux, or Mac at home and play on Palm, PocketPC, or Symbian.
Download Jet Ducks for Windows
Download Jet Ducks for Palm
Download Jet Ducks for PocketPC
Download Jet Ducks for Macintosh
Download Jet Ducks for Linux
Download Jet Ducks for Symbian

July 14,2004   Today we introduce our Absolutist Fun Club membership. From now all our customers can become a part of our Absolutist community, join us in our love and business - electronic games. What you'll receive being a member? Read here about the conditions of the membership.
Read more about Absolutist Funtastic Club Cards
Learn more about Absolutist Fun Club special prices
Become a member of Absolutist Funtastic Club now!!!

July 13,2004   News from the Developers' Department:

A new arcade hunting game is coming soon. The game will be released on several platforms at once thanks to our multiplatform engine. Jet Ducks (working title) will be in cartoon style with advanced sound and graphic features.The game-play will definitely entertain the player - why? Look out for the release day and try!
Learn more about Absolutist Jet Ducks Game

July 1,2004   The 4th of July is a time for the Red, White and Blue. A time for Picnics, Parades, Marching Bands and from this time - it's a time for BlockBuster - our special release for Independence Day!

This is a strategic game on combinatorial analysis and logic. BlockBuster has an unlimited quantity of levels that gradually become more and more complicated. The number of unsorted lines is counted from level to level. And if it exceeds the fields height, the game is over. The scoring is progressive - the more blocks are moved away at a time, the more points you get.

How about the 100th level? Explode color blocks, clear the game field and reach the 100th level.
Download Blockbuster (Independence Day) for Windows
Download Blockbuster (Independence Day) for Palm OS5
Download Blockbuster (Independence Day) for PocketPC
Download Blockbuster (Independence Day) for Mac
Download Blockbuster (Independence Day) for Linux

June 23,2004   New discount offer from!
Get now Bubble Shooter Deluxe for Windows and Atomic 3D Shooter at the price of Bubble Shooter!!!
If you already have the Bubble Shooter game - get Atomic 3D Shooter at half price!
Bubble Shooter Deluxe Page
Atomic 3D Shooter Page

June 17,2004   Happy Father's Day to all the Dads and best wishes to all the Dads' families! Dear Dads, we are happy to announce the Father's Day discount that will last for one week for our puzzle game Gem Slider on several platforms (Windows, PalmOS and PocketPC). The game is already very popular among our customers and is just right for the Daddies and their families. Enjoy playing the games in your family circle, in the office, on the road and any time!
Download Gem Slider for Windows
Download Gem Slider 3 for Palm OS5
Download Gem Slider for PocketPC

June 9,2004 has released a brilliant Mahjong on the following platforms: Windows, Palm, PocketPC, and Macintosh!

Magic tiles are full of hidden symbolism and will make your desktop or handheld a universe of meditation, concentration and detachment from the earthly deeds.

MahJongg is a universally played board game. Play Classic or Shuffle game, Word Mahjongg or Math Mahjongg. It's an endless game for the finite life. All these games train attention, eye memory, as well as, due to the new and original game variants, let the kids learn alphabet and reading (which is particularly attractive for the parents that have pre-school kids or elementary graders).

Alpha-channel effects, antialiasing let the player enjoy the graphics in full and plunge into the Eastern philosophy of contemplation. Relaxing music and sound effects in oriental style create an additional incentive for this. The game has the interface that follows oriental style as well. You feel like you are somewhere in the East. Don't read further - try it now!
Download MahJong for Windows
Download MahJong for Palm OS5
Download MahJong for PocketPC
Download MahJong for Macintosh

June 1,2004   Beach volleyball is always pleasant. Shining sun, warm sand, emerald sea. Enjoy our new summer arcade game VolleyBalley. Smooth 3D animation, realistic physics and striking dynamism - these are the main features of this game. Several levels of difficulty, the possibility to play with your PC or with a real rival will not let you get bored waiting for the vacation!
Download Volley Balley for Windows
Download Volley Balley for Palm OS5
Download Volley Balley for PocketPC
Download Volley Balley for Macintosh

May 25,2004   The greatest news for the fans of the popular game Tetris™! You are now able to enjoy our collection of eighteen various variants of this well-known arcade game on five platforms. TetriBox is released for Windows, Mac, Pocket PC, Palm OS, Linux.

This game is for the fans of real tetris entertainment. Even if you think you know what tetris is, we'll surprise you and this will be the right game for you!
Download TetriBox for Windows
Download TetriBox for Palm OS5
Download TetriBox for PocketPC
Download TetriBox for Macintosh
Download TetriBox for Linux

May 18,2004 is happy to announce a new release of your favorite game - Solitaire Studio. Now you have the possibility to enjoy this ultimate collection of wonderful patiences on your Macintosh, Palm device or Pocket PC. Windows version is now available with a discount - just for 16.95!

The game will give you some hours of great pleasure and real entertainment. Most popular Solitaire types have been united in a single pack providing you with a tough brain-storming. Games are designed to make you relax and enjoy your time thinking over the game. You may also add and create your own patiences to complete your collection. Do not forget to share your ideas with other Solitaire Studio fans!
Download Solitaire Studio for Windows
Download Solitaire Studio for Palm OS5
Download Solitaire Studio for PocketPC
Download Solitaire Studio for Macintosh

May 4,2004   This game is based on the main principles of the games like Bubble Shooter, Pool and Arcanoid. It is available on four platforms: Windows, Palm, PocketPC and Mac.

The game strikes by its dynamism and vividness of 3D graphics. It is crafty enough, and you'll feel it, when the number of color bubbles increases from level to level and the initial combination becomes more and more complex. But this exactly makes this game highly addictive and it'll become one of your favorite games of all!
Download Bubble Snooker for Windows
Download Bubble Snooker for Palm OS5
Download Bubble Snooker for PocketPC
Download Bubble Snooker for Macintosh

April 21,2004   Bubble Shooter comprises everything you want to see in a game: simple rules and different modes (strategy, arcade, sniper and marathon), 3D graphics that pleases your eye, perfect gameplay, agreeable music and sound. But now even more than this - you have Mobile Edition that will never let your boss caught you unaware. We are very happy that our customers with one accord say that Bubble Shooter is their most favorite game and it is the one that makes unique among the others. This news is the result of the hard work to please our Bubble Shooter fans.

April 14,2004   Our first game for MacOS - Matching Hearts. It's fun, and it's free. This game will let you feel yourself a real heartbreaker. The board is filled with hearts of different colors. The more hearts explore, the more points you get. Your goal is to clear the board with no hearts left. Have fun!
Download Matching Hearts for MacOS

April 7,2004   One more release today - ButterFlight for Windows, Palm and PocketPC!
ButterFlight is a picturesque and bright-colored game that combines puzzle, patience and adds some strategic elements. You play on the glade that is filled with the multicolored butterflies. At every round you have to collect a certain number of butterflies of a particular color on the glade.
Download ButterFlight for Windows
Download ButterFlight for Palm OS5
Download ButterFlight for PocketPC
Details of game downloads

April 7,2004   Rotate Mania released today for Windows, Palm and PocketPC!
Rotate Mania is a very addictive mix, combining the elements of arcade and puzzle. Having four various game modes (Strip Mania, Shift Mania and Time Mania), and different skill levels (Novice, Expert and Master), it offers you an amazing trip, where you can obtain the interesting skills and become a Master of Logic.
Download Rotate Mania released for Windows
Download Rotate Mania released for Palm OS5
Download Rotate Mania released for PocketPC
Details of game downloads

March 31,2004 releases your favorite BlockBuster on three platforms - Windows, Palm and PocketPC!
Now you may play the game everywhere and have endless fun! There is also a small Mobile edition that allows you to play on your desktop without drawing your attention from your business, it is neat and accurate, and extremely fun.
Download BlockBuster for Windows
Download BlockBuster for Palm OS5
Download BlockBuster for PocketPC
Details of game downloads

March 24,2004   Today we have released the popular game Smiling Bubbles in three new incarnations!

Now you can play this amazing game not only on your desktop or laptop PC, but also on Palm and PocketPC handhelds! Besides, there is now a special Mobile Edition of the game which will run in a neat windowlet on your PC screen, while your PDA is taking some rest ;)
Download Smiling bubbles for Windows
Download Smiling bubbles for Palm OS5
Download Smiling bubbles for PocketPC
Details of game downloads

March 4,2004   Take part in the players' SURVEY and win the best prize! We are very interested in the improvement of the quality of our games and services. That is why we invite you to take part in our players' survey. You also can be greatly interested in taking part in it, because the most frank, thoughtful and helpful answers will be noticed, and their authors will get free licences and great discounts for our games. We are waiting for YOUR answer!

March 3,2004   Try new and updated free ONLINE games, SNAKE - Use the keyboard arrows to turn the snake, and try to catch the appearing squares - each one you eat will make the tail longer. CYBERNOID - Reach the green zone. Then you will be teleported to the next stage of the game. RICK DANGEROUS - You should find Exit and get out of the mysterious labyrinth. Beware of the traps and enemies and use your weapons reasonably. SOCOBAN - Use the arrow keys to move the blocks on the squares with rhombs.

January 27,2004   It is incredible - a dozen of new absolutely free online games! Choose one which is the best for you today from the great variety: Flight Chase, Glug Glug, Jet Bike, Jet Pack, Labyrinth, Tank Wars, Sea Battle, World of the Rings and more... Play them right now, no downloading is necessary.

January 26,2004   Beautiful puzzle-game ButterFlight is available for Palm OS now! This release adds high-resolution graphics - 320x320 screen and 65000 colors, enhanced sound effects. Just collect brilliant butterflies that fly over a green grass country. It's a great game with mind-puzzling features, a bit of good luck, and lot of cool modes and skins! Try this game on your device now!

January 13,2004   Great news today - a new release of the Bubble Golden Pack game! Four game modes - Arcade, Marathon, Sniper and Strategy, skill levels for everyone, Thriller, Shooter and Flytrix all in one pack! We also added new music scores, beautiful graphics effects - and more. Download the free game and try it now.

January 9,2004   New Year begins with new game release: Crazy Basketball Play real-world physics Basketball Arcade game! New game modes, music by best composers, sound effects - everything you need to enjoy the game. Hope you'll like it!

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