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May 25, 2011

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Find a mysterious town!

Uncover the enigma of clothed in mist town!

Download Dark Dimensions: City of Fog for free

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Dark Dimensions: City of Fog
Download now (Windows) Order now just for $13.99 (Windows)
Don't you want to know what secrets can be hidden by fog? Silvertown is said to be clothed in mist and disappeared from earth a century ago. But what has happened with a town and its citizens? Only you will have a chance to know the truth! Unlock forbidden doors to the world of mystery in Dark Dimensions: City of Fog, an outstanding hidden object puzzle adventure game!
With Dark Dimensions: City of Fog you'll enjoy:
bonus gameplay
plenty of hidden objects
built-in strategy guide
wonderful wallpapers
original soundtrack
TIP: You may exit an Object Search by moving your cursor near the bottom of the screen and clicking when you see the Arrow Cursor!
Dark Dimensions: City of Fog
Download now (Windows) Order now just for $13.99 (Windows)
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