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May 23, 2011

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Can you solve mysterious deaths?

Do your best to stop panic in the city!

Download Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse Full Moon for free

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Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse Full Moon
Download now (Mac OS) Order now just for $6.99 (Mac OS)
A city is besieged by fear and its residents are afraid to walk the streets at night because of string of murders. Only enigmatic shadows appear at walls and in the streets, playing tricks on mind! But not all shadows are tricks... At the same time of the murders a wolf shadow appears in the town. So, the rumors of “werewolf” started to spread across the streets, leading to panic. Now, it's up to you to solve the murders and uncover the truth about the wolf shadow in Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of the Full Moon!
A girl
With Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse Full Moon you'll enjoy:
bonus gameplay
wonderful wallpapers
sensational screensavers
amazing music
stunning soundtrack
TIP: You have unlimited hints however it takes time to recharge between use!
Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse Full Moon
Download now (Mac OS) Order now just for $6.99 (Mac OS)
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