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June 2, 2008

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Feel yourself smart enough to solve crimes? - This game is for you!

Try your detective skills with Mystery Case Files Huntsville - a brain-trainer for professional detectives

Welcome to Huntsville

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Mystery Case Files: Huntsville
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Huntsville Crime map

Welcome to Huntsville, my friend - a tiny town where great and mysterious crimes happen. As local police has been helpless trying to track the outlaws, you are assigned a detective and now need to solve a bunch of files. Feel yourself ready enough to start?


In fact that's easy:

  1. Choose a location to work at
  2. Track the clues helping you to solve the crime
  3. Once you've collected enough items, use the crime computer to solve the crime!
Huntsville police game

The game features:

  • Thousands of items to find;
  • Over 20 locations to work at;
  • Dozens of crimes;
  • Gripping game play, cool graphics and astonishing sound
Crime solving game for Windows
Mystery Case Files: Huntsville
Download now(Mac OS) Order now(Mac OS)
untsville Crime map Huntsville Crime map

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