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June 27, 2007

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A mystic adventure in a dark castle full of fairies and magic

When the fairies are calling for human help...

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Long, long time ago when humans and magic creatures lived together an evil wizard
flew to their place. He captured all the adorable fairies and locked them in the
dark castle. Go on a rescue mission in fairyland!
Fairy Jewels
Download now(WindowsPC) Order now(WindowsPC)
Save the fairies
Are you clever enough to save all the fairies and set them free?
Step into the dark castle and start your dangerous journey.
Enjoy the features of the game: The game principle is simple as 1,2,3:
150 unique levels 1. Fire same-colored jewels with your jewel cannon
6 fairy bonuses 2. Clear the jewels on your way
Storyline containing
15 chapters
3. Shoot fairies with the jewels to set them free
Enjoy 150 levels Shoot the jewels
Prepare your jewel armor and rescue fairies to cast away the evil spell
Fairy Jewels
Download now(WindowsPC) Order now(WindowsPC)

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