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July 19, 2006

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Bash-n-smash gnomes with Hammer Heads Deluxe.

Gnome knocking arcade that rocks brought to you by Absolutist

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Those gnomes are sweet and good-natured creatures as long as they live in a fairy-tale and don’t threaten humanity. Now that they infested your neighborhood, time has come for you to stand up to the gnome invasion and smash all gnomes up with your magic hammer while playing
Smash the Gnomes

Hammer Heads Deluxe
Download now

The game features:

  • over 10 kinds of gnomes;
  • Classic Bash, Marathon, Tough Cookie game modes;
  • smashing cartoon graphics.
Tough head-bashing   arcade
Hit and crash every single gnome head on your way. Time is now.
Play Hammer Heads Deluxe now Download Hammer Heads Deluxe for Windows
Be sure to collect tons of magic power-ups and upgrade your ammo. Grab coins on your way to spend them for upgrades at a Shiny Shop.
No mercy to the pesky gnomes. Smash them up before they get you out of your place!
Download now(Windows)

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