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Only the all-time popular free classic games. Download and play for free.

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Welcome to the Mahjong Gardnes - this is the perfect place to have a rest after hard working day or just think over your plans. You will feel like you are somewhere in the East. Don't read further - try it now! Have not tried any Mahjong game yet? Read the rules of Mahjong. Do you know what sparrow and mahjong have in common? Are you a curious one? Check Mahjong history
If you do not want to play mahjong online, you may download mahjong style game from This game contains not only classic mahjongg variant, but also has a choice of 3 new games, for instance, word mahjongg and math mahjong.

It's time to play Tetris. No need to download, just have fun right now. In case you have somehow forgotten the rules: try to put the falling blocks so that they fill the well without holes. Blocks' colours do not matter, they are there just to liven it up a bit. The well is full, the game is over - play another one.
Try to turn "Blocks Shift" off - a new game mode, quite a bit harder than the usual one. Left,Right - move block; Up - rotate
Down - slow drop; Space - fast drop
End - pause on/off

This is a development of a classic game Arkanoid, aka BreakOut, with quite modified rules. Click to start playing, guide the racket with your mouse keeping the ball in play and try to hit out all the bricks. The bricks will change color when the ball strikes them, from violet to red, and when a red block is hit it will vanish. When you drop the ball or fail to hit a block, a new line of bricks will appear at the top, and after a few such mistakes the game will be over.
You can see your score at the top, alongside the points for the current serve and last stroke.

The playing field consists of rectangular blocks, activated and non- activated bombs and bonus flags. From time to time one of the bombs activates. Your goal is to move your sapper to a block with the activated bomb before its fuse stops burning. The sapper moves with the help of arrows. The block he moves through disappears. When the sapper gets an empty field or the field with non-activated bomb, the sapper loses a life. As the number of blocks decreases, it will be harder and harder for you to reach the block you need. In this case there are two supplementary keys to help you - Z (or End) and X (Or PgDn). You may revolve the line with your sapper to the left or to the right. One more useful feature is connected to playing field organization. When your sapper leaves the playing field at the left he appears at the right side. If he leaves at the bottom he will appear at the top and vice verse. From the 5th level the non-rotating blocks will appear.

Maxwell's Daemon is a tiny creature who was hired by the great physicist more than a hundred years ago to perform some experimental work - separate the molecules of different types into compartments closing and opening a trapdoor at right moments.
Playing this game, you can help him - try to separate red balls from blue ones sliding the barrier with your mouse. The faster - the better.

This is a new release of famous classic game. The rules are simple: you must remove all bones to win. You can remove only pairs of equal bones by selecting first bone and clicking on the second one. Only bones without left or right neighbours are accessible. Also you can't select bones overlapped by others.
Players with the best time result can publish their results in global TOP. Hints increase time.

Memory Test - exactly what it is called.
Your task is to click on the elements in such an order in which they appear. That is the elements are blinking in some definite order. You should remember this order and reproduce it. In Options window you can change the level of difficulty and regulate Sound. There are three levels in the game. They differ in the number of elements. Novice - 4 elements Expert - 8 elements Master - 10 elements
Besides, you can see your best result of the current session. The level you play is shown.

MineSweeper - an old and classic, but not aging little game.
Manage to open the cells without blowing up bombs. Find all the bombs, marking them with flags - one click of the left button of the mouse. To open the cells - use double click of the right button of the mouse.

Paratroopers - a release of famous classic game. You are attacked by bubble paratroopers: quick and dangerous. The only way to save your bubble soldier is to shoot them in the sky. If your enemy reaches the surface it attacks you quickly. Each attack decreases your size. The game is over if your bubble soldier's size becomes too small. You can increase its size by shooting big colored bubbles that sometimes fly in the sky over you.

Have fun with a Pentix game. It is a bit harder than a usual tetris, but that makes it still more interesting to play.
Do not forget to try different options - switching them will give you quite a different playing experience.
You could also download cool tetris/pentix game for your PC - six games in one!.
Good luck!

Sea War
You are to place the ships (left panel) on your field by dragging them with the mouse. Or you can click Gen ships button and they will be placed at random. To start fighting with computer, click Fight button. To clear the board - click Clear board button.

Great and addicting game Snake. You have to eat as much as you can and travel through labyrinths.
The game rules are simple as in classic one: eat everything but not your own tail.
Once you came across your tail you will lose your life.

Thumb raider
The goal of the game is to collect all the bags with gold without coming into collision with wicked little men. When you gain a definite number of points, you receive an extra-life. You may pass the bags with the question mark. They may give you an extra-life, a definite number of points as long as take them away. They also may transfer you to any spot of the hall. Drive your little man with the help of arrow keys to move and space bar to jump.

Shooters Arcades Cards Boards Puzzles

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