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Atomic Minesweeper

Absolutely new and addictive mine-seeker game! Try to find the dangerous atoms hidden under the squares forming the board. This task will not be too difficult if you use the lightening method - the beams of light will scan the board and point to where these atoms can be hidden. Don't think that it is very easy - some practice will be of great use for you. Spend some hours of real entertainment!
Atomic Minesweeper Screenshot

Download (413kb)

Reversi Fight

A nice free puzzle game designed for those who like to have a great brainstorm. This dynamic game will keep you tense and acute all time long and make your logics work. Try to occupy the greatest part of the game board and win the game.
Reversy Fight Screenshot

Download (418kb)


The rules of the game are simple. Use the arrow keys to move the blocks on the squares with rhombs. It is posiible to move blocks only one-by-one and only forward. Good luck!
Socoban Screenshot

Download (453kb)


This is a new release of famous classic game. The rules are simple: you must remove all bones to win. Players with best time result can publish their results in global TOP. Hints increase time.
MahJongg Screenshot

Download (450kb)


Try to guess which of the glancing balls will lead you to your victory. If you like billiards but seek for something new in this old favorite - try this game. It matches any mood and condition, it may let you puzzle or relax and it won't let you have a tedious time anyway.
Crystalscope Screenshot

Download (521kb)

Star Monopoly

If you feel yourself a genius of stockbroking, if you can't imagine yourself out of open trade and stock-exchange deal, if you sleep and dream about vast scale machination and stock market game but can't make it real - this game was made to make you happy.
Star Monopoly Screenshot

Download (617kb)

Video Poker

A card game played played on slot machines all over the world. The objective is to assemble the best five-card poker hand from a set of five cards that are dealt to you.
Video Poker

Download (307kb)

Black Jack

BlackJack - let's recall the rules. Another great hooking card game, with all the features and tricks that you would find in a Las Vegas casino. No need to go there anymore - just download and play!

Download (305kb)

Flight Chase

Guide your brave hunter to gather all the green spheres. As soon as you've cleaned the board from the spheres you pass the next level. Beware of cannons moving along all sides of the board and shooting you. Pick up bonses. Free to download and play.
Flight Chase Screenshot

Download (493.46kb)

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