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Shooters Classic Cards Boards Puzzles
Rats and Spears
This game is an online release of Rats'n'Spears free game - Recently sporty rats creatures have decided to organize their own Olympics to let the world hear of them. The task of the player is not just to select a rat character and guide it from the keyboard, but also to train it in order to achieve higher and higher results in javelin throwing. Online tournament adds even more arcade character and challenges to the game. The player is quickly becoming addicted to the game and that is the key to success in the tournament. At the same time the game helps to relax and take a break from a daily routine in the office or on the go.

Easter Bunny
The bunny goes to a huge family party, and on his way he should collect as many easter eggs as possible. Remember - the family is BIG and HUNGRY! Beat other rabbit families by collecting more eggs than the others - check your current standing in the Online Tournament! But first do not forget to submit your own score.;)

SamuraiWarrior game gives you few opportunities. The first one is to learn ancient Japanese traditions in action. The second is to turn your PC into Samurai's path, as complicated and intricate as Japanese hieroglyphs. It's well known that real Samurai should protect himself and get acquire knowledge on the way. So you should become a hero experienced both in fighting and spirituality. It's up to you to find your own Samurai's path now. Go on.

Beach Volleyball
A fantastic free chance to spend some peasant hours playing volleyball somewhere on a beach of California. Start the game and forget about the reality that surrounds you. No other game can be compared to this one as it will give you the joy of real life and new emotions. Add adrenaline to your blood and relax. Play either against your computer or against your friend - both games are available. Make your choice between three skill levels or master each of them one by one and become a volleyball star in your office. Free to play .

Color Breakout
Great remake of classic game Arcanoid. The rules of the game are known: guide your bat with the mouse keeping the ball in play and try to hit out all the color bubbles. At the begining the ball is gray. Then it changes its color when it strikes the bubble. When a colorized ball hits the bubble they exchange their colors. If the ball is of the same color as the hitted bubble, the last one will vanish.

Reach to the green zone. Then you will be teleported to the next stage of the game. There are three levels. At Novice level, you are the most powerful - you have more lives, bonuses and military than in the other levels. Bonus es bring high effect. Use "Z" button for primary fire, "X" - for rocket fire, "C" - for fugas fire. You also get the score after destroying the enemies and completing levels. Getting points, you get the lives. Use "P" key to start, pause or stop. Defense matrix bonus. Kills all the enemies. Shield bonus. You will be immortal for some time

Can you make a crow to play volleyball? Do you have doubts? Don't worry with our help you got a chance to take part in crow volleyball. But don't forget this is not just a volleyball match, it's a very special sport event. Firstly crows are playing volleyball here. Secondly instead of volleyball ball they use a round piece of cheese. And at last it's similar to daily gender battle: crow-male plays against crow-female. So go to play a game you never seen before, it's time to find out new feelings.

Fatal Puzzle
You are a bounty hunter, and chase criminals. Your goal is to annihilate the gangsters. You drive the hunter with the help of arrow keys and space bar. Use the arrow keys to move the chaser and to perform various actions over the subjects: use left or right arrow to push, throw and switch; use up or down to pick up and to put down, use space bar in other cases. The higher level is, the quicker the action is performed. Good luck in chasing the gangsters!
This game is a new release of famous classic game Cliff Hanger

Flight Chase
The board may seem rather weird to you but look - the rules are rather simple: there is a hunter on the board that has to gather green spheres giving you points. At the same time you should always mind the cannons moving along the edges of the board and firing at the hunter.
A piece of ice will make the cannons stop firing (for a while, unfortunately) and a heart will give you an extra life. But don't forget to gather the green spheres- as soon as you've gathered all the spheres you'll go to the next level.
To drive the hunter you should use the arrows buttons: "up", "down", "right" and "left". Just remember the rules and have fun!!!

Frontier Guard
Frontier Guard - your Bubble City is under attack! Enemy bubble bombers drop the bombs. Show the enemy that your bubbles are not weak and can save themselves. Shoot enemy bombs and save Bubble City. Click the bubble in the City to make it shoot.

Glug Glug
Collect three chests with treasures. To move - use the arrow keys. Avoid fish - they can destroy you. To kill them - use "z" key. Some fish is immortal for your gun. So, be careful and get the score for bonus lives. You can select Hard and Effects levels; turn on/off Sound in Options window. To watch demo - press "Demo" button. Use "P" key to start/stop/pause. Small/Medium/Big bonus - Score depends on the level number.

Jet Bike
To complete a lap - steer your jet bike between the buoys in the correct order. Laps must be completed within the given time to qualify for the next course. There are five courses in each championship. Press P to pause.
Controls for player 1: Up arrow - accelarate Right arrow - turn right Left arrow - turn left Controls for player 2:
W - accelarate D - turn right A - turn left

Ping pong is an attractive sport simulation online game. There is no need to look for a place to play table tennis now. You can check your skills playing with your computer. There are 3 difficulty levels: novice, master and expert. So you can choose any of them to achieve the best result now. Prepare yourself for championship.

This is a well known billiards game. You have to put all the balls into the pockets. It does not matter which pockets, but it does matter which balls - they must be done in order - starting from 1 to 8. If the right ball goes into pocket - you got 100 points, if the wrong one - you loose 50. Each strike takes another 10. And that's all - now try to top the records table.

You should find Exit and get out of this mysterious labyrinth. Beware of the traps - you can dye of poisonous bushes, stakes; your enemies are also on the alert. So, be armed and go ahead! But use your weapons reasonably.
At your disposal: Z - gun X - knife C - bomb
Move using the arrow keys.

River raid
Welcome on board! Destroy all the bridges on your way.
To move left/right - use arrow key left/right
To move up/down - up/down arrows
Fire - Space bar
Pause - P

RoboSoccer - a simple online soccer match against a team of robots.
Try to outdo your opponent and prove that a human will always beat a computer. The game is simple - each player is a little four-wheeled robot who can only push the ball. You can guide it from the keyboard - see the keys below. The players and the ball reflect from the field-frame, like the balls on a pool. After a goal the ball is dropped at the center. For now just one player on each side, but still it is fun to play. The game lasts ten minutes, if it is tied there is no overtime.

Sonik Ball
Cover over the field guiding the orange ball. Cutting some part of the field with your line, you color it over. (Use arrow keys). You should be attentive and avoid collision with the ball that ruins your lines and prevents you from cutting the field. One more thing - the ball you guide doesn't act on the colored field while the opponent ball does. Win your territory!

Shooters Classic Cards Boards Puzzles

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