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Welcome to our FAQ section. Below is the set of questions we receive most frequently from our customers. But before you start browsing it we'd like you to learn the basic information about our website.

Our #1 rule: We are pleased to offer you terrific Windows games for Windows, Mac, Palm, PocketPC, Symbian, Smartphone on the try before-you-buy basis. We are happy to have a customer like you. That's why our primary task is to tell you that you may always try our products by downloading them for free and buy them afterwards. Please make sure you know what you are going to buy.

Rule #2. When ordering the games for your device, please specify YOUR FIRST NAME AND LAST NAME only. NO MIDDLE NAMES OR DEGREES ARE REQUIRED. This will help you avoid getting wrong codes in the future. Thank you in advance.;)

Windows games FAQs Mac, Linux and PDA games FAQs
  1. Download, order and registration process
  2. The game doesn't work on my computer!
  3. Newsletter and other issues

1. Download, order and registration process
Q. Is the support really free? How long will I wait for the answer?
A. Yes, our support is absolutely free, we are glad to answer any questions and to help you to fix any problems. Do not hesitate to apply to us for assistance and feedback, comments and suggestions. We pay a great attention to each letter and try to answer as quickly as possible (normally - the very same day) . Sometimes there are a great number of letters so the delay can be 2 business days at most. We are sorry and try to do our best. Please resend your letter if we didn't reply you within 2 days - it means we did not receive your letter.

Q. How do I download the game?
A. To download a game you have to click on the download link. Once you do that you'll get a window asking whether you'd like to open or save the file. Choose 'Save' and specify the directory where you'd like to save it. After the download process is completed successfully you'll be asked whether you want to open the downloaded file. Choose 'Yes' to launch the game setup process. To install the game, follow the installation instructions that will be shown to you. Please, note that all games you have downloaded from our website are automatically installed to the following folder on your PC: C:\Program Files\Absolutist.com

Q. I have downloaded the game and as I tried to run it, I got the message that my files are corrupted.
A.Please note that 'corrupted files' message comes up when the file download process has not been completed properly. Please, read the previous answer and follow the instructions. Make sure that the download process has been completed - wait until "Download complete" message appears.

Q. I'd like to get the full version of the game. How do I go about it?
A. All the games available at our website are "try before you buy" games, i.e. you may always download them first and try them for free during the evaluation (trial) period. In most games it lasts for 60 minutes. So, you may always download the game before you try it and if you like, you are always welcome to get the full version of the game either by clicking on the Buy link from the game or from our website. Please, find all the download and buy links for the Windows games here: /games.html

Q. I registered and paid. What now?
A. As soon as your payment is completed you will receive an e-mail, containing your License name and code. Now you need to enter those details into the game.

To enable the game full version you needn't go to the site!
Please, follow the instructions:
  1. Launch the game trial version;
  2. Go to the Help window (click the button in the right top corner with the symbol '?') or the Main Menu (it depends on the game).
  3. Click the 'Register' button.
  4. It will take you to the form with fields for Name, Email and Code.
  5. Fill them and click the button OK (Yes).

Please, enter the exact license information. Use clipboard (Ctrl-C to copy, Ctrl-V to paste) to escape the misprints. Make sure you have the latest version of the game.

Q. I've paid for the game but the full version is not enabled!
A. Have you entered the code into the game? See the previous answer on how to do this.

Q. I haven't received an e-mail with registration information!
A. Once your transaction is completed, an e-mail containing the license code for the game you have ordered is automatically sent to your mailbox. If you haven't received it, in most cases that means you have your Spam guard on. Please, check your SPAM, BULK folders carefully or look for it at any other folder where your mail-master saves blocked incoming messages. You may also add support@absolutist.com to your address book to make sure you will always receive e-mails from us without any trouble.

Q. I have already registered the previous version of the game. Should I pay for the update?
A. The upgrade for most of the games is free. The exception is made only for those games, that have undergone some major changes (e.g. the upgrade for the game that runs on PalmOS 3.5 to OS5 is not free).

Q. I entered the code and name, but it does not work!
A. First, please check for misprints. Then, make sure you enter the License code (or license number, or registration code - it's all the same), not the Order ID or any other number. And last, if there is any 0's in the code, they are always zeros, do not enter letters O instead. If the register form in the game asks for e-mail, make sure you enter the same that you used while buying the license.

Q. I like this game, but do not have/do not want to pay by credit card over the net.
A. We use the well-established and secure services for credit card payments, as our clients' safety is a high priority. There are other ways to pay among which you can choose when filling the registration form: Mail, Fax and Phone order. These options, however, will take longer to deliver and will include some processing fee.

Q. My Windows crashed and I lost my games. Can you help?
A. You can always download the latest versions of all our games from this site. To register, just use your old License code; if you did not keep it, please contact us here and include your name, e-mail, transaction ID and, if possible, the date of registration, so we could look it up for you.

Q. The mistake took place and I paid twice for the same game. How can I fix the problem?
A. You can replace your double license to another our game or ask for refund. In both cases apply to our Support Team.

2. The game doesn't work on my computer!
Q. The game locks up, I get error messages that some elements of the game is missing
A. You may try to reinstall the game. For that sake please follow the steps below:
  1. Uninstall the game
  2. Download and install it again.
Q. The game locks up and still works slowly
A. Please download the latest version of DirectX - 9C. For more information please see: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/directx/default.aspx?url=/windows/directx/downloads/default.htm

3. Newsletter and other issues
Q. Why should I join mailing list at the site?
A. It is the easiest and free way to know about the latest news, upgrades and discounts. Just type your email into the special Window and hit Enter. You will get weekly newsletter with useful and interesting information. Please, take into consideration that we propose our popular games with special discount price only in these letters! Joining the mailing list means saving a lot of money and having a lot of joy! To subscribe just type your email into the special Window and hit key Enter at the keyboard. Please enter one email at a time.

Q. How can I know about the future game releases?
A. See the answer to the previous question.

Q. I want to make a present to my relatives/ friends. Can your site help me with this?
A. A computer game is a nice gift, so enter your relative's/friend's name and email while registering into the appropriate fields while purchasing. Moreover, we have created free greeting service for you Free Animated Movie Postcard. It will help you to give a lot of joy to your relatives and friends, lovers and colleagues in effortless, original and FREE way.

Q. Is it possible to buy CD with your games?
A. Yes, you can order CD Mega Pack collection, Windows Shareware game collection or Bubble Shooter Christmas Deluxe Edition on CD. Or you can take advantage of our CD on demand feature while ordering the game you like.

Q. Are there kid games at your site?
A. Yes, of course. We have the games for all ages. But we think the children will like for sure such games as Blue Reef Sudoku, Flying Doughman, Spot a Word, BreadieQuest:Halloween III,Volley Balley and a lot of others you can find in Kids Games.

Q. How do I obtain a discount?
A. There are many discounts are offered usually at Packages and Discounts page. And remember, that some of our discount offers are available only through our Weekly Newsletter. Don't lose your chance to sign up for newsletter and save your money.

If your question is not listed here, please contact our Support Team and include your device model as well as description of your problem in detail. Please note that the more details you include, the faster we'll be able to track the problem and, thus, reply you with a workable solution.

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