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Elythril: The Elf Treasure

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Absolutist proudly presents the new evolution of puzzle games – elf treasure quest.
  • Each level of the game is unique
  • The world first remix of famous Lines game with new look and feel
  • The game adjusts the difficulty of puzzles for each player
  • Graphics and layout will make your time passing by quickly…You won’t notice the hours of playing!
The elf kingdoms are at discord…Leorna, a daughter of the elf king Halgorn, is eager to amend the situation and bring peace to the elves.

Wood elves, Underground elves and other elf peoples are waiting for Leorna and you to bring them Elythril – an ancient elf treasure that got lost in one of the numerous wars.

If this treasure is in hands of a wise person, as an ancient legend says, all the elves will unite in one kingdom where Good Will and Understanding will rule.

To get the treasure, first of all Leorna need to visit all the elf people and take their Symbols of Power…but remember: not all elves are kind-hearted and supportive. Sometimes their puzzles that you will need to solve will bring you to your wits’ end!

Help Leorna to collect all the attirbutes and save the world of elves. Only Elythril can bring the long-awaited peace to the elfs...


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