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Do you like arcades, logic games, kid games and puzzles? Here you can find the most addictive games produced by Absolutist company. Like the game - get it just for $1.99 and enjoy 24/7. Check the list of games available for $1.99. There is no need to purchase the game before you play. All the games are available for free trial. Here you can get the registration code for any game you like. Click Order button and receive your registration to available full version of the game.

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Atomic 3D Shooter

Fire and explode colored balls on the fly and clean space from cloning atoms

Free Windows download (1.44Mb) Full version

Bubble FlyTrix

Great tetris-style game - pop the matching color bubbles and win!

Free Windows download (1.56Mb) Full version

Boa Constrictor

Travel througt the labyrinths, arcade/logic game adding more to classic SnakePit

Free Windows download (1.68Mb) Full version

BreadieQuest:Halloween III

Halloween Party has started! Your mission is to help your Breadie to get there.

Free Windows download (4.49Mb) Full version

Breakout Casino

Breakout Arcade gamble - the Grand Casino where you are sure to win!

Free Windows download (2.55Mb) Full version

Arcade Chaos

Arcade collection, several games in one plus skill levels and online contest

Free Windows download (1.77Mb) Full version

Click Art

Enjoy your own art pieces with one click in this new puzzle game.

Free Windows download (5.77Mb) Full version


Get 4 great puzzles at the price of one!

Free Windows download (1.13Mb) Full version


Get best collection of word and puzzle games at once and improve your erudition.

Free Windows download (4.46Mb) Full version

Crystal Keeper

Great new 3D mix of arcade and first person shooter with an online contest

Free Windows download (2.26Mb) Full version


Lovely and sweet hearts - pop them, but do not break!

Free Windows download (0.47Mb) Full version

Dog Rescue

Meet wonderful action game for the whole family

Free Windows download (15.57Mb) Full version

Drop Word

Multilingual word puzzler! Enjoy thrilling mind game in six languages!

Free Windows download (13.26Mb) Full version

Jet Ducks

Charge your rifle and stand out against the hunting ducks! For all shooter fans!

Free Windows download (2.80Mb) Full version

Elythril: The Elf Treasure

Solve secrets of elfin lands in search of Elythril, the elf treasure.

Free Windows download (16.17Mb) Full version

Flying Doughman

Join Flying Doughman in his dangerous adventures in the Magic Tower.

Free Windows download (10.87Mb) Full version


Play a Frog in this great arcade game with endless levels and online contest

Free Windows download (1.36Mb) Full version

Illustrix Dream Pack

Pack blocks in lines tight to reveal amazing shots of animals!

Free Windows download (8.25Mb) Full version

Jumping Balls

Amusing mix of a game for arcade, puzzle and board game lovers, 12 play-modes

Free Windows download (0.75Mb) Full version

Lord of the Shades

Have a great time with new addictive colorful game - Lord of the Shades

Free Windows download (1.91Mb) Full version

Mario's Balls

You and Mario fight the pesky color balls that are trying to flood the board.

Free Windows download (0.52Mb) Full version


Roll up your sleeves. We're going to paint castles now

Free Windows download (10.27Mb) Full version


Help the Brave Miner go through dozens of underdground caves burying monsters

Free Windows download (2.00Mb) Full version

Pinball Golf Pool

New entertaining game for fans of pool, snooker, golf and pinball - all in one.

Free Windows download (1.60Mb) Full version

Formula Broomstick

Broom race simulator, 17 tracks, a legend based upon Harry Potter adventures

Free Windows download (3.58Mb) Full version


Drive the robotank through thrilling labyrinths with a lot of traps and troops

Free Windows download (2.5Mb) Full version

Spot a Word

Have word fun with multilingual puzzler and become a real word master!

Free Windows download (13.26Mb) Full version

UFOrce Drive

8 superior games with 3 skill levels for the Cosmos masters

Free Windows download (2.52Mb) Full version

Volley Balley

Entertaining simulation of the outdoor sports game for one or two players

Free Windows download (2.35Mb) Full version

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