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How much would you pay for a quarterly subscription if the price of the game were $18?
What attracts you in the games most?
Low Price No bugs
Player Competition Engaging Gameplay
Design & Graphics Sound & Music
Multiplay Mode 
Please choose up to 6 of your favorite Absolutist.com's games.
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If you have the registered versions of these games, say, please, why did you purchase each of them? (Please, give us a detailed answer, do not say just "because I liked it" :)
How long do you play your favorite games without breaks usually?
For less than 15 minutes For 15 minutes
For half an hour For an hour
More that an hour All day long with breaks
Now our Development Team is designing several games of different genres. Below you can see the screenshots of those games. Choose one you like best and it's possible that it'll be released first.
Intrigues of Middle EarthA cloud of imminent war has overcast the sky of Middle Earth. The cowardly murder of the Prince of Elfs broke the fragile balance between humans and other races. Only you can help Princess Illystriine solve this mystery and avert the war!
Magic Spider Your kids will love this game. Simple puzzles and arcades are fun even for toddlers, they will train logic, memory and reaction. They will learn how to use the keyboard and mouse, and also basics of reading and counting.
The Dragon Dale A 3D-shooter from the first part with the elements of fantasy. As a result of an unsuccessful physical experiment, that led to the changes in space and time qualities, there appeared a large amount of fantastic creatures: from fierce dragons and monsters-mutants - to the space aliens.
The elite troops 'Argons' An arcade shooter with the RPG-elements. The rescue of the Argon Empire, that consists of 20 galaxies, from the evil aliens. The main features: choice and modernization of the spaceships. Command of the ship's corps, participation in the battles and combats.
TowerSpell 3D arcade adventure for kids from 5 to 95. Incredible adventures await Bumpy who has to save his beloved from the Tower of the Evil Wizard. Storming the highest tower of the Kingdom and defeating smart and brave enemies will require all your jumping skills, puzzle-solving powers and magic forces.
Great Egypt Mystery The Great Egypt keeps its secrets well guarded to our days. You will have to decipher the ancient writings in order to find the treasure. Best variety of Majong, Patience and Crossword puzzles awaits you in this game.
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