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Mission: To provide each customer with quality non-stop gaming experience on all platforms.

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How It Started: At the end of the last century several enthusiastic people decided to start up a small company that would develop and publish computer games. Then no one knew that in just several years the whole team of professionals in programming, design, graphics and marketing would work for Absolutist.com .

Who We Are Now: Absolutist is one of the leading game developers and publishers on different platforms: Windows, Mac, iPhone, Linux, PalmOS, PocketPC, Windows for Smartphone, Symbian (series 60), Symbian UIQ, and J2ME. (read more)

Our team consists of 60 people. Among them there are programmers, artists and designers, marketing staff, musicians and testers.

Our computer-friendly guys…(programmers) Designers working hard…
Office front Absolutist possesses a 10,000 square feet modern office area in Ukraine conveniently located to all European connections. Broadband Internet connection, modern computer equipment and use of the latest information technologies make the work highly productive.
What is more important is that the new building is situated in the green area neighboring downtown with a stunningly beautiful city-view. office and roses
As the company primarily works with the international audience, the staff speaks different foreign languages: German, French, Russian, Spanish, etc.
marketing department
Open doors to Marketing Department…

Company’s rapidly expanding portfolio already contains more than 50 unique titles for Windows PC, over 20 titles for handhelds. Absolutist can boast effective after-sale support that attracts returning clients to our site.

What can Absolutist do for you? We offer a variety of ways for you to profit from. Our services include but are not limited to:

Application Development - Outsourcing

  • Turnkey development of consumer and business applications, based on your design document.
  • Development of separate modules, concerned with the algorithms, AI, etc.
  • Development of communication software that provides interface connection between different consumer electronics (exercise bicycles, fitness trainers, etc.) and mobile devices (mobile phones, handhelds).

Mobile Content Development

  • J2ME and BREW games and applications, games for smartphones, other types of mobile content and games for portable consoles.
  • Development of mobile presentations.
research department The R&D department currently conducts active research in the field of positioning using the mobile operators cellular networks. Real-time image recognition utilizing mobile phones and web-cameras, as well as motion detection and capture, are in the area of the researches’ interests too.
Other fields of scientific investigation include: real time exchange of information between different types of mobile devices using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, real time graphical ray tracing.


The capability of the in-house developed multiplatform engine to work with all the most popular platforms (Windows, PalmOS, PocketPC, Linux, Mac, Symbian, Windows for Smartphone) allows doing quality porting of any applications and software.
Our most recent completed project is porting of top shareware game Trivia Machine (by HipSoft LLC) to mobile platforms.

  • Also, it is possible to adapt the company’s technology for porting to consoles (xBox, PS2, Nintendo, PSP, etc.).
  • Porting to any new device.
  • Complete handset-to-handset porting (Java, Smartphones) and localization.
  • Porting of MMOGs utilizing GPRS and sms.


Ukrainian and Russian speaking market is growing year by year and there is a growing need in professional localization services. We have trained personnel with years of translating experience. Who can make a better translation than a native speaker?

Learn more about us and our services

More detailed information here (other products specifications, screenshots and marketing materials) is available - just contact our PR department

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Welcome to Absolutist gaming portal where you can get all free games downloads. Enjoy playing games on the most popular gaming platforms: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Windows for Smartphone, Palm, Pocket, Symbian and Java. All the games are absolutely free to try. There is no need to pay before you can play the game. You also have an opportunity to enable full version of any game you like. You can get the registration data or key for any other game at Absolutist. Click "Order" button and proceed with the payment.
We offer only the best shareware casual titles for our addicting games fans. Choose from a range of hidden object, match-three, seek and find, arcade, time-management, marble-popper, logic, board, kids, HOG, bubbles, sliding puzzles, quest and card games. We offer a huge free online games collection. As it is completely free of charge you needn't pay to play the game or download it for your PC. Our gaming portal is updated daily to provide you with the best free to try casual games.
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